Massive Foreclosures After Election – The Next President Will Inherit the Economic Calamity that is Coming

The Next President Will Inherit the Economic Calamity that is Coming


Fabian Calvo buys and sells a $100 million worth of distressed mortgage debt and property a year.  He says, “We haven’t even scratched the surface of being at the bottom of the housing market.”  Calvo runs a company called and predicts, “. . . massive default and massive foreclosures after the election.”


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  1. Liberty and Justice for WHO??? says:

    I live in Lee County Florida. Literally everyone I know who has had their Foreclosure cases dismissed, has had new Lis Pendens filed against them. There is a huge increase in the number of Foreclosures here. Just started happening in late September/October. My case was dismissed and my sanctions were granted. However, not with prejudice. None of the Judges here would dismiss with prejudice. I also do not know anyone who has been successful with Quiet Title.

    I’d like to note something here. My new case is being brought with the same exact Assignment of Mortgage that was Robosigned by Jeffrey Stephan as a VP of MERS. This is the same document that was considered fraudulent in my first case that was dismissed.

    Not a real big fan of the stinch that is in the air blowing down towards the 20th Judicial.

    • J. Alonzo says:

      Good for you. I own a piece of property in lee county too. The lenders attorney was Marshall C Watson and they had summary judgement. Basically had the case won and
      had to sell the home. Then I filed a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy. While I was in a chapter 7 they made an error and instead of asking for a removal from stay they asked the bankruptcy court to go to mediation. They tried to retract and the Bankruptcy court said no,
      they must go to mediation. Anyone would think, well what the worse that can happen. You go to mediation and then when and if all fails we sell the home. They instead withdrew the
      the case. My attorney states they were probably afraid of what would happen if they were asked to produce legal documents in mediation and even worse produce legal documents to the bankruptcy court. They know very well Bankruptcy judges are totally different then these state judges who actually follow the law. Still waiting and they have not filed yet.
      Not to mention the legal order to mediate still stands. They have to go to mediation before starting a new case.

    • J. Alonzo says:

      OH! Forgot these banksters get one more try. If they loose again on the second try they can never re file again. Good Luck!!

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