No Criminal Prosecution | How to Crash an Economy and Escape the Scene

How to Crash an Economy and Escape the Scene

Is it time to put the Great Recession behind us?

Not in terms of the economy — which remains bogged down with high unemployment, low growth and other aftershocks — but rather when it comes to demanding a rigorous effort to hold Wall Street bankers, traders and executives accountable for their role in causing the financial crisis.

Should we just chalk it up to such simplified explanations as “animal spirits ran amok” and “these things happen occasionally”? Or should we continue to expend scarce political and law-enforcement resources trying to get to the bottom of what happened, and why, with a goal of holding the right people legally and financially accountable?

It’s a conundrum, especially since many Americans have lost enthusiasm for the fight. But the path we ultimately take will reveal to us and the world much about who we are as a people and what ethics, values and morality we stand for. It will also have serious lasting implications if we hope to avoid a rerun of what happened over the last five years.

At the moment, the message we are broadcasting far and wide is: There will be no justice; there will be no accountability; let’s return to the status quo as quickly as possible.

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4 Responses to “No Criminal Prosecution | How to Crash an Economy and Escape the Scene”
  1. Sarah says:

    The Banksters are again showing how conclusions are dangerously and erroneously drawn when powerful interests control debate. History is a contested space.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    i want to know how americans are going to survive when we can even find jobs?

  3. Ken Hansen says:

    Exhibit A is Edward Conran, who probably means well, but cannot be taken seriously if we’re going to survive. Machiavelli in one hand and a world on fire in the other.

  4. Romney and freinds may feel it is ok to risk their money for greed if it harms someone else but I call that a crime. Harming miliions of Americans so they can risk being greedy and then steal the money is not what America and business is about. Protecting property rights and the people from such greed and risk at our expense is what America is about. This article is condoning harming others for taking risks for greed and profit are ok. Money and profit are above the people they harm, including entire families including the death of homeowners and their families and the tramatc horror for children being tossed into the streets out of their houses, uprooting them. What a horrivle crime for this kind of mind set. To bad if people get hurt while the rich get rich and take risk. OMG there is room for eveyone to have a life and a home and peace of mind. This is not normal this is greed at its worst. Romney is suppose to be a man of church and a family man and this mind set.

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