Eric Holder Owes America Some Answers RE Financial-Fraud Prosecutions

“It is worth repeating that there have been no criminal convictions of any top executives at the center of the 2008 financial crisis. This is bad enough. But using cockamamie data to mislead the public about the government’s prosecutions of financial fraud ought to be a crime.”


Eric Holder Owes America Some Answers

Eric Holder has said he doesn’t know if he will stay on as U.S. attorney general, now that President Barack Obama has been re-elected. Here’s something to help them decide: A story about how the Justice Department got caught fudging its numbers on financial-fraud prosecutions — again.

About five weeks ago, on Oct. 9, Holder held a news conference to trumpet the results of the government’s Distressed Homeowner Initiative, which he called “a groundbreaking, yearlong mortgage-fraud enforcement effort” and “the first ever to focus exclusively on crimes targeting homeowners.”

Holder said the multiagency initiative, led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ran from Oct. 1, 2011, through Sept. 30 and resulted in 285 indictments and complaints against 530 criminal defendants “for allegedly victimizing more than 73,000 American homeowners.” He also credited the program with 110 civil complaints against more than 150 defendants.

It took two days to discredit the figures. On Oct. 11, Bloomberg News reported that the numbers for the criminal cases included fraud charges against a Chicago lawyer that were filed in October 2006, two years before Obama was elected. The lawyer, Norton Helton, was sentenced in January to 15 years in prison.

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  2. donewiththebs says:

    Looks like pat has got it all figured out havent you pat ol boy.Sitting in your crap filled garage,just you and eric pissing on eachother.Cool

  3. withament says:

    Dear Matt Tabbi, Rolling Stone and what MILLIONS of Victims …… The Reality IS the Whole CON / PONZI is a Government Crime Spree ….. WAKE UP …. Like Derrrrrr …..

  4. pat farrell says:

    Wrong again dipshit! Everything that was planned worked to perfection.
    Lack of prosecution is part of the plan, to contract [shrink] the currency [blood supply] of all the sheep in the USA, and slow the whole thing down. By “whole thing” I mean this worthless, stupid society of dumbass meat eating morons. You all deserve it. You are insects, running around, consuming mountains of garbage, and when finished with it, stuff it into your closets or garages.
    Global warming, record drought, less food production.The end is near and good.The majority of humans are nothing more then animals, eating, sleeping, pissing, shitting, getting old and dying.
    The planet cannot stand us anymore. Get ready for the end.

  5. Ken Hansen says:

    It’s been written or implied repeatedly that the elite have been shielded. The people that have been “rounded up” are mostly small time players. If there were warnings about mortgage fraud starting in 2004, why were some very powerful managers allowed to proceed? If we had effective regulations and oversight we could have stopped this crap. How many homeowners would agree to a rewind of time at this point and wish they never made the mistake of walking into a well know, big financial institution – and end up being stolen from, bankrupted and potentially homeless?

    “The policy elite blew it. The tools of economics were entirely adequate to see the housing bubble and the dangers that it posed to the economy. The problem is that the people who controlled economic policy at the time found it convenient to ignore the evidence. They still do.”
    – Dean Baker

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