Lorraine Brown of DOCX (LPS) Plea Agreement Part Deux – Attorney General Koster Announces Plea Agreement: Former President of DocX to Plead Guilty for Robo-Signing Practices

Attorney General Koster announces plea agreement with Lorraine Brown – Former President of DocX to plead guilty for national mortgage document robo-signing practices –

Attorney General Chris Koster today announced that the state of Missouri and Lorraine Brown, former President of DocX, LLC, have reached a plea agreement. Under the agreement, Ms. Brown will plead guilty to one felony count of forgery, one felony count of perjury, and one misdemeanor count of making a false declaration.

Brown will be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of not less than two years and not to exceed three years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Ms. Brown is the former President of the company DocX, LLC. During the period of March to October 2009, DocX, at the direction of Brown, instituted a surrogate signing policy whereby employees signed, not their name, but the names of other employees on thousands of mortgage documents that were notarized and filed across the country. Prior to 2009, similar signing practices were also employed at DocX. Brown concealed these practices from her clients, the national mortgage servicers, and the parent company of DocX. The practices of DocX were brought to national attention by a “60 Minutes” report and resulted in several major lenders temporarily suspending foreclosures in 2010.

“DocX’s robo-signing practices were the worst in the county. Surrogate-signing crosses the threshold into criminal activity,” Koster said. “This agreement brings to justice the person most responsible for these activities and upholds the principle that when you sign your name to a legal document, it matters.”

Brown’s plea of guilty to forgery and making a false declaration will be entered in Boone County where a criminal prosecution is ongoing by the Missouri Attorney General and the Boone County Prosecutor. Brown’s plea of perjury will be entered in Jackson County where a criminal prosecution is also ongoing by the Missouri Attorney General and the Jackson County Prosecutor.

The Attorney General’s Office worked in coordination with the Boone County Prosecutor, the Jackson County Prosecutor, the Boone County Recorder of Deeds, and the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds.

SOURCE: http://ago.mo.gov



5 Responses to “Lorraine Brown of DOCX (LPS) Plea Agreement Part Deux – Attorney General Koster Announces Plea Agreement: Former President of DocX to Plead Guilty for Robo-Signing Practices”
  1. shirlie says:

    I’m from nh and had “robot signer” also. I called sheriffs office to proceed w/ any kind if charges…an haven’t heard back. Also, because I HV a pro bono lawyer..he is only concerned with my “eviction”…but, I say fruit of the poisonous tree….I wouldn’t be evicted while negotiating a modification if all of the banks were not doing son type o ponzi scheme. I think home on america for robbing me. I have lived here for 27 years…and now I could have no home with a disabled occupant in my home. Not to mention that my life went into this home with on a single problem paying mortgage for all of these years. Where do I go at my age..? Ho do I start over
    This was where I was going to spend my golden years and even have a home to pass down to my children. The banks didn’t just take my home…thy took m life and the government into even prosecuting because the were in on the whole thing o begin with. Î was trying to say SHAME ON AMERICA. Way to lose faith in the housing, banking, and government…it just makes me I’ll thinking about it.

  2. MBD733 says:

    What a bunch of BULLSHIT DOCX was at all times under the controll of the large banks who benifited from the fraud, Propaganda cover up set in motion by another Attorney General

  3. FED UP says:

    Assignemnts by Doxc bad enough… what about mortgage discharges signed by these morons?

    @wisenup: You are 100% correct. Nothing’s changed…. they just (LPS) brought in a new graduating class of notaries ( Wells Fargo) in Minnesota..Dakota county etc… ) … they just change the names when the heat get turned up.

    Robert W Caruso and Chris Hymer (sp) bettter beware!! There are more people investigating and reporting this stuff then these yahoo’s think. DOXC LPS etc…. doesn’t matter… it’s all the same BS.

    There are still assignments coming out from Sand Canyon… Seriously?? And I like the Chase/FDIC ones too. Also crap.

    Someone needs to file a civil suit now.

  4. wisen-up says:

    Robo-signing, the filing of fabricated docs & ASGT’s in court and the counties are still in practice with many foreclosure mill law firms.

    • DON ST CLAIR says:

      “Brown concealed these practices from her clients, the national mortgage servicers, and the parent company of DocX.” yea right…another set up to let the angelic banksters off again…they knew every step of the game…that’s why they hired her company…to get what they needed done.The proof is the fact that there were many other “robosigners” from MERS and other companies. it was the way it was done.She is just a scapegoat that was thrown to the lions.

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