San Bernardino City Attorney: ‘Lock Your Doors And Load Your Guns’

City Attorney Tells San Bernardino Residents To ‘Lock Their Doors,’ ‘Load Their Guns’ Because Of Police Downsizing

SAN BERNARDINO ( —  The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to “lock their doors and load their guns” during a city council meeting.

The official explained that because the city is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets people will need to start protecting themselves.

City Attorney Jim Penman said he doesn’t regret what he said.

“You should say what you mean and mean what you say,” Penman said.


5 Responses to “San Bernardino City Attorney: ‘Lock Your Doors And Load Your Guns’”
  1. TheHutMaster says:

    Doors UNLOCKED, and guns LOADED!

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Every Minute, Every Day.

    • TheHutMaster says:

      rev 2.1….. “MY guns ARE “LOCKED” and LOADED !

      “Fight the Good Fight”
      Every Minute, Every Day.

  2. stripes says:

    This is the direct result of the banks via wall street and the politicians who bilked the U.S. Taxpayers, and all of the so called social safety nets we already paid for like Medicare and Social Security. They robbed the Public Sector pension funds the people already paid for and are robbing us via the private side. They nearly cleaned out the Private sector pension funds in 08 with their manufactured stock market crash. Now they are coming for everything we already paid for. Study the U.S. Constitution and know your legal rights and be prepared to invoke all of your Constitutional rights to protect yourselves against these lawless sons of bees.

  3. Sarah says:

    This is Wall Street with a gun to the head of the city, demanding payment. The City Attorney is a bit of an alarmist which makes for a compelling news article. We need honesty at every level of Gumint, sometimes the local stooges are only capable of histronics, when they should default to save their cities.

  4. nobrickwalls says:

    Not only there but all over the incorporated owned states, again stand on your own backbone you will get nothing but guff from the evil ones running the country that are still raping and pillaging ALL. Between the fed lease expiring, droans oh I will not go on and who the heck knows what else “just recently” this is an ongoing dead issue, stand up for yourself, you still have that so use it ya gonna need it.

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