Animal Control Officer Killed, Bank Rep Wounded, Suspected Shooter Apprehended After 17-Hour Citibank Eviction Standoff

Animal Control officer killed, suspected shooter apprehended after 17-hour Galt standoff

GALT, CA – A standoff between a suspected gunman and SWAT officers came to a conclusion Thursday morning nearly 17 hours after it began.

An animal control officer, identified as Roy Curtis Marcum, 45, of Elk Grove, was fatally shot and one of two locksmiths sent by Citibank was wounded when they approached the front door of a home on the 600 block of 1st Street following up on an eviction notice that was served Tuesday, Sacramento County sheriff’s Sgt. Jason Ramos said.

A shot was fired through the front door, hitting Marcum. One of the locksmiths was grazed by a bullet. The second locksmith ran from the home and flagged down a community patrol officer, who called for help.

More video and pictures here…

UPDATE: Officers contacted alleged shooter twice, but suspect no longer answering.


4 Responses to “Animal Control Officer Killed, Bank Rep Wounded, Suspected Shooter Apprehended After 17-Hour Citibank Eviction Standoff”
  1. Jangels says:

    I must say it is such a loss for a society to turn one eachother. Everyone of us has a struggle in todays financial horizon. The Animal control officer lost his/her life for an eviction? Going to work that day, there was no choice the officer either did the job or lost his own fincancial security of having a job. Now what? Homeowners who have been whipped around by the Mortgage industry are at their wits ends. I speak from both sides, my job was to sell homes at Sheriff Sale, then I got hurt in work, and the snowball began. No pay, subprime Mortgage, market crashed, and I have legal battle after legal battle. If not for knowledge of my former job, there but for the grace of my God that could be me. I pray everyday for the strength to go on with fighting for my rights under the situation. Makes me wonder where our politicians are in this debate? Mortgage industry puts a bad product out there “subprime loans” sold them like hotcakes, we the consumer trusted the brokers and settlement persons on the products. The US government puts out band aids, but why not rightfully fix every single situation. Punish the Mortgage companys because we all know they have it and wouldn’t it be better to get paid for properties than to have all these homes empty and neighborhoods falling apart. Pray for these innocent victims, homeowners and servicers.

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    u can only push the already pushed tooo far for tooo long… sorry someone had to loose their life…so many have because of the thievery… no justice here only more heartache we know who is at the helm of this and they just keep on pushing and pushing

    • neidermeyer says:

      Does anyone publish a comprehensive list of the banksta’s home addresses (from CEO down to the regional manager level would be good) so that we can contact them?

  3. pam28971 says:

    These people just don’t get it .People are now willing to kill to take back what is thiers.Innocent lives are being taken.The aggravation and frustration is building and no end in sight.My prayers for the Animal Control Officers family and co workers.More forelosures coming and more people will be killed and all because our government decided to back the banks and not us.What a travesty of justice and our system.

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