Fake Landlords Take Over, Illegally Rent Foreclosed Homes

4 Responses to “Fake Landlords Take Over, Illegally Rent Foreclosed Homes”
  1. Oh my! This is terrible! These two should be penalized.

  2. These two bimbo’s tried to do what the banks do everyday only difference is they have not the money or the play.

  3. MARIO KENNY says:

    but the banks are doing the exact thing, how come they are not in jail?

    • neidermeyer says:

      The banks immunize themselves with political contributions and by being a “respected player” that pays millions to each court in the way of filing fees each year.. You can’t “Jail” a bank , only people ,, and they have so very many involved that prosecution except for the higher ups is nearly an impossible entanglement… The people that OK’d any aspect of these illegal and totally faked REMICS should be jailed for decades and stripped of all assetts, their banks should be liquidated.

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