It’s On: Elizabeth Warren Versus Wall Street – Warren Named to Senate Banking Committee


It’s On: Elizabeth Warren Versus Wall Street

Republicans have long derided Elizabeth Warren for describing herself as an intellectual godmother of Occupy Wall Street. Now the intellectual godmother of Occupy Wall Street will occupy the Senate committee that oversees it.

The Senate Democratic leadership is announcing today that Warren will be given a seat on the Senate Banking Committee. As Forbes put it recently, Warren’s ascent to the Senate alone was “Wall Street’s worst nightmare.” This could make that nightmare a good deal worse.

Warren’s appointment to the Banking Committee was expected; Ryan Grim broke the news some time ago. But today’s announcement will make it official.

This is going to give Warren a choice perch from which to continue to press the crusade for Wall Street oversight and accountability. And it continues a battle between her and Wall Street that stretches back literally years.  Warren, a consumer advocate and expert in bankruptcy law, angered Wall Street when she pressed state attorneys general to demand a huge settlement from major banks and financial institutions they were investigating for improper foreclosure procedures. Warren was also the inspiration behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which produced one of the ironies of her career.

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4 Responses to “It’s On: Elizabeth Warren Versus Wall Street – Warren Named to Senate Banking Committee”
  1. ChrisYAHanWatcher4YAH says:

    This ADMINISTRATION’S: Pattern Practice and Custom of Habitually Attacking It’s perceived Enemies (as “the American People” now DEEMED Terrorists?), Who DON’T Cough Up Enough Ca$H (payola), and to extol VENGEANCE thru pro se executing Those IT DEEMS: “NOT VOLUNTEERING enough” seems a mere Legal artifice scheme and device by Chicago MOB styled EXTORTIONATE quasi military Tactics, to excoriate and Victimize it’s detractors through: jus “fetiales” (Black’s 7th. a secret Silent WAR to absolute Destruction by: “ANY MEANS POSSIBLE”), to: Obliterate the American Economy seem plausibly UN-deniable to some?

  2. Fed Up says:

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau —What a joke this agency is a useless piece of…….

    • neidermeyer says:

      Nothing will happen as if the government actually starts demanding accuracy and transparency in banking (along with adherance to the laws) the big banks will collapse and what have the last 5 years been if nothing but an exercise in converting our savings and sweat into hard equity for the banks. Of course as we lose money/power and the government wraps more chain around us in the form of debt and regulation we become enslaved and smothered by growing federal agencies… How many people here know that TSA/Homeland Security now wants control of the highway system (It’s in the Federal Register , Nov. 30th 2012) … YOUR PAPERS PLEASE! WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS JOURNEY? We will have a few bones thrown our way but it’ll be in the form of tools that only actively fighting homeowners can use as tools in court … nothing that helps homeowners in general.

  3. 1ofthemany says:

    she has been making money off foreclosure a long long time so I have no faith just the same dog and pony show in your face, but hey… we do love entertainment now don’t we …stand on your own

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