Wait? Banksters ARRESTED?


The Market Ticker – Wait? Banksters ARRESTED?

Oh no, not in the United States….. in Germany

Four Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) employees arrested on allegations of obstruction of justice and money laundering were ordered to remain in custody while the investigation is pending.

The fifth suspect arrested yesterday was released because of health issues, Guenter Wittig, a spokesman for the Frankfurt General Prosecutor, said by phone today. He declined to explain the court’s ruling or identify any suspects.

The case is part of a criminal probe over tax-evasion allegations linked to the sale of carbon-emission certificates in which prosecutors are investigating a total of 25 people at Deutsche Bank. The lender’s German offices were raided yesterday and Co-Chief Executive Officer Juergen Fitschen and Chief Financial Officer Stefan Krause, who weren’t arrested, are subjects of the probe.

Criminal probe?  You mean, like jailtime?  Bubba dates?

This is serious and not something out of The Onion?

It appears so.

It looks like this isn’t a bunch of underlings either — the co-CEO and CFO are subjects of the probe, although they have not (yet) been charged.

If you remember there were raids on offices a couple of years ago.  I, along with everyone else, assumed that the odds of an actual prosecution were slim and none, and slim left the building.  After all, that’s been the pattern since 2007 — it literally doesn’t matter what was done, the worst that is ever assessed is a fine — which the bank can (and does) then pass onto customers and shareholders, neither of which did anything wrong.

This bears watching — especially if it manages to reach all the way up into the executive suite and tag some of the highest-ranking corporate officers.

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7 Responses to “Wait? Banksters ARRESTED?”
  1. Todd W says:

    Outrage is great– Now channel it into fighting and beating the crap out of them.

    I’m just like all (or most) of you (excepting the Bank Shills who have infiltrated the site) and I’ve been kicked more times than all of you care to know. But guess what ? I’ve gone to the FBI, state prosecutor, blah, blah. Get over the fact they are ALL in on it. But be aggressive and go after them.

    I’ve got 3 defendants (2 attorneys and 1 Realtor) ducking my service of process. I’m suing them in multiple states and they are all ducking me. Banks and wanker attorneys squealing for “protective orders”, just got another motion for a “protective order” filed by the Asst MD AG for the Sheriff, who doesn’t want to answer my discovery…. etc etc.

    I’ve been obstructed from ever seeing the inside of a courtroom for the past 2.5yrs ever since I outed Thomas P. Dore, a known fraudclosure mill wanker attorney on the stand UNDER OATH. The transcript from that hearing has been viewed or downloaded over 1,500 times on Scribd

    Learn from mine and others’ examples. Learn how to fight and fight back hard. Our children are going to inherit what we leave behind.

    This is not about the house ( and we had a $3M real estate development business wiped out overnight by hurricane Katrina) and we have a lot of properties. I never would have woken up unless Katrina happened. It’s the best thing that could have ever happened.

    Every one of you reading this must understand it’s never been about the house. We work with people in 16 states now and every one that wins, and we win often, has gotten past the emotional attachment to the house.

    This is a massive land grab, much bigger than any one of us. So put on your helmet and fight. At least when you take your last breath you’ll know you made a difference and didn’t take this lying down.

    I was almost killed at least a half dozen times as a deep sea diver working in the oilfield, so every day above ground that I can breath is a good day.

    Never give up and crush them….They can’t win if every homeowner across the country takes the same approach. If not for yourself, do it for your children, and if you don’t have children for your neighbor’s children because they are going to be stuck with what is left over after we are gone.

    Knowing that the global plantation is upon us, everyone chipped being one of the end goals, and if you step out of line, they turn off your chip, etc. etc., the massive land grab of tens of thousands of fraudclosed homes sold as I write this to $ Billion funds scooping them up, securitizing the “rents” of those poor slobs who were forced out at gunpoint, and now forced to pay “rent” somewhere should be the slap in the face to wake up, put your game face on and take the fight to them.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      thank you for your fighting spirit. i to noticed something was wrong while applying for a hamp loan. i was an underemployed nurse after the bp oil spill. they kept losing my paper work and moving my file. i wrote everyone. few responses. but my spirit kept me going and i have one of the best lawyers in florida. now my foreclosure is someone else had. i dont flying because i dont like being out of control but must. i do not like being told “i will not get a free house” i beleive the judges need to judicate to contract law. if you are told to stop paying your mortgage the servicer has breach contract. mortgage should be null and void. but what the judges are doing is forcing modifications when there should be no mortgage ar all. civil law breach of contract.
      So its not that people do not what to fight we are held up by judges not wanting to judicate to law. we also have a generation of people on flourinated water. i saw a documentary about vietnam and the hippies. they were protesting everywhere in everystate. they did not want to go to war. “they” could not have that so they infiltrated the hippies with LSD. that worked so well they decided to rresearch a product that sound healthful and could be consumed by the masses. flourinated water was born. do you no 97% of europe does not have flourinated water. so in the late 60’s early 70″ flourinated water was touted as healthful. now if you read about it you will be appalled. decreases IQ, effects the fetal brain. has caused an entire generation of doscile humansi n the united states. take a look at egypt. they fought and won. their president wanted full power, a dictorship. they used social media and fought back. in the 1929 in the depression 255 unemployment people stormed their state governments and demanded jobs, foreclosure mortitoriums, and price reforms. They won all of the above. where is are demand now??? if people think the banks own their mortgage and they either could not pay because of a job loss or were told not to pay they are going to leave. its the IQ issue. i have been through years of college and am now doing online college.
      what we need to do is a grassroots effort to get this info out to the public. my husbands unemployment ran out and until i could get food stamps i have to food bank it next week. i plan on leaving business card with all these web sites available. we need to bring this to them they are not going to find it themselves. we are hoping on something that is not going to happen with flourinated water.
      good luck to all of us please join the facebook national homeowners justice coalition. we need to use soclal media. we need to do what egypty did and get these banks out of power.

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    Hi wayne, welcome to foreclosure in america 2012. what about a family losing a home because an oil rig inthe middle of the gulf of mexico blew and the judges will not release the 20 billion?? no talk about that?? yet florida with about 1/2 its coast on the gulf of mexico and #1 in foreclosure rates no one will come to floridas rescue. yes robo signing is fraud, so telling families not to pay their current mortgage to apply for a hamp loan. only to steal the passwords
    and move files and lose faxes all to seize homes. it seems wayne no one is comming to our rescue. I am a true conspirist theorist sorry. i beleive this was planned long before social media. i beleive we have floridated brains (brains on flouride), and our bodies have preservitives running through them (when was the last time your white bread molded not counting the fresh mde breads……grade school maybe 30 yrs ago). I was watching a program about the hippies not wanting to go to vietnam and they were protesting all over the untied states. so what did our elected officials do but give the LSD. that turned so well i beleive next in the early 70’s was flouride in the water followed by preservatives in our foods. where else do you find an area in the world having their homes seized, their jobs lost and noone at ALL fighting back. we are so doscile it makes me sick.

  3. Ron says:

    Fortunately this happen on the other side of the pond…nothing will happen here!

  4. Wayne says:

    I have a Robo signed assignment in the Recorder’s Office on my home and not one person will go after Bank of America … I have called the County Attorney’s Office … (we don’t handle that) … I have called the FBI … (we don’t handle that) …. I have called the Attorney General’s Office … (not our problem). Laws are on the books for false and fraud documentation which is recorded in the Recorder’s Office yet not one FK’n person will help. The Rule of Law only exist for the Rich or Powerful …… Something is wrong …Something is very wrong.

    • Sue Em says:

      Yep Wayne- they are mostly robo signed. No one cares, really. I even sued my bank and during two different hearings we had two different owners of my loan in front of the judge. I have asked the bank to bring the original note to court and to name the trust and to itemize all fees. They don’t – banks are above the law in America. The judge still has not decided.The banks attorney found a suggestion: “if it was robo signed we can just make a new assignment”. He really said that! They are just making stuff up and he admits it because he probably doesn’t know any better.

  5. Herman Vergara says:

    It’s an outrage HSBC Bank had that kind of treatment.

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