What Is it Really Like to be a Real Estate Agent Today and Tomorrow (airs 12/16/12)

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A career in real estate is attractive to many people because of low barriers to entry, high potential income, and the pleasure of buying and selling homes.Alas, the reality isn’t that simple today, and especially tomorrow. But I’ll talk with a guy who’s the savviest and straightest-shooting real estate broker I know: George Mantor. I really think it’s going to be a fascinating and helpful interview.That’s on the Dec. 16, 2012 edition of Work with Marty Nemko. And in the second half of the show, as usual, you’re invited to call in for a three-minute career makeover.Work with Marty Nemko is heard Sundays from 11 am to noon on KALW, 91.7 FM, San Francisco.

Should be good for a laugh or two and if just two of you listen I bet we double his usual audience. Pass along. If I have to miss football the least you can do is listen.

George W. Mantor



5 Responses to “What Is it Really Like to be a Real Estate Agent Today and Tomorrow (airs 12/16/12)”
  1. stripes says:

    Most real estate agents don’t realize the evil empire they work for.

  2. Oh puke! Dishonest snajes! Very few honest ones left

  3. deadnote says:

    So the little guy goes to jail again and the real criminals are still free…

  4. Fed Up says:

    Not that the Realtors are completely innocent Realtors are being denied the ability to make a living Realtors are getting legislated and feed to death. The banks and government including the United Nations through Agenda 21 are taking over every aspect of real estate.

  5. Sarah says:

    The Real Estate industry shares a bigger amount of blame for the crisis than is acknowledged.
    Legislation (that most likely will never beceom a reality) would restrain salesman from engaging in predation, usury and the resultant fraud and tragedies that have become legendary. If realtors were accountable for improper relationships with brokers and others, and specifically whether their clients had the ability to pay, the housing crisis would have been slowed or avoidable. Not all, but some, realtors are clearly predators knowing full well they can get away with it. Wall Street wouldn’t want it any other way, a whole team getting paid to run their machine. When people get paid well, they frequently don’t question the status quo.
    Realtors, banks, brokers, regulators, politicians including the sheriff, judges, press, the lowly process server

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