NEVER Missed a Payment | Oregon Woman Says 3-Year Long Bank Error May Lead to Wells Fargo Foreclosure

Wells Fargo

Oregon Woman Says 3-Year Long Bank Error May Lead to Foreclosure

A woman in Tualatin, Ore., says she’s at the end of her rope fighting a three-year battle with Wells Fargo for mistakenly stating she has missed mortgage payments on her home, which is now in foreclosure.

Dee Dingman, 79, and her late husband moved into their four-bedroom home in 1967. After her husband, Leland, died in March 2008, Dingman took out a new mortgage while she paid off his medical bills, never missing a payment. Court records show she promised to pay $308,000 plus interest on June 16, 2008.

The next year, after Wells Fargo’s acquisition of Wachovia was completed in Jan. 2009, Dingman began receiving foreclosure notices. She believes the bank did not corrrectly process her payment since around Oct. 2009. But her bank records show her mortgage payments have been deposited by Wells Fargo. Despite efforts to clear up the mistake and paying nearly $12,000 in attorney fees, her home is now in judicial foreclosure.

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4 Responses to “NEVER Missed a Payment | Oregon Woman Says 3-Year Long Bank Error May Lead to Wells Fargo Foreclosure”
  1. Rebecca says:

    I’m very confused. I did not miss payment from jan 2007 to that march 17 2010
    Lockout march 29 2011
    What’s going on why are they saying this that when I never received a dime or letter?
    Help me please these past three plus years just destroyed my life family world
    Please contact me.

  2. Poof says:

    I would venture to say no mistake about the situation! Well’s
    is just stealing another home plain & simple !

  3. Collene Collins says:

    Wow there is actually another family out there like us! We also had a perfect payment history and had proof of every statement & payment plus extra we paid towards our principal. Unfortunately truth & proof means nothing cause in our 1st case the Banks law firm Harmon Law in Newton, MA were Robo-signers. We were victims before the crash in 2008. Good luck in MA cause the Division of Banks, AG Martha Coakley, Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Reg – Daniel Crane are all corrupt. Its like the fox guarding the hen house. The FBI came to our home and also had proof of embezzlement & defalcation of over $200,000 but that agent got relocated and our case just sat there. I could go on & on but I hate hearing about people that stay in their homes for years after making no payments because we never missed a payment & paid our home off almost 5x. We were an attorneys dream because I have a complete paper trail in chronological order. All the work was done and you know what the comment of the employee at the DOB was? He said “I’m not a F—–g public accountant, I don’t have time to look thru all the evidence you sent so I sent the complaint with no evidence”. I can’t even continue right now cause its my 50th birthday and I’d like to survive this nite.

  4. neidermeyer says:

    She needs to sue them for everything her lawyer can dream up. Demand a jury trial.

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