Foreclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore Violated Rules by Having Others Sign His Name, Court Finds


Foreclosure attorney violated rules by having others sign his name, court finds

Sanctions, if any, will be determined by Court of Appeals

A Hunt Valley attorney who admitted to having his employees sign his name to foreclosure documents was found by a Baltimore County judge to have violated three of Maryland’s rules of professional conduct for lawyers, according to court records.

Thomas P. Dore engaged in behavior that was “prejudicial to the administration of justice” by “routinely and repeatedly” filing “with the courts affidavits purportedly signed by him and attested to by notaries” he employed, according to court documents. Affidavits are the written equivalent of taking the stand to testify under oath and Maryland law does not allow for them to be signed by a proxy.

The decision against Dore is the latest stemming from a series of petitions by the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission against lawyers who, during the height of the foreclosure crisis, cut corners in thousands of foreclosure cases in order to manage overwhelming workloads. So far, one attorney has been reprimanded by the state’s highest court for such behavior and several other cases are working their way through the legal system.

Dore also violated his professional obligations by knowingly making false statements in court documents and failing to properly oversee non-lawyers at his firm, according to the decision. An additional charge by the state’s grievance panel that Dore engaged in “conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation” was dismissed by Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Justin J. King.

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3 Responses to “Foreclosure Attorney Thomas P. Dore Violated Rules by Having Others Sign His Name, Court Finds”
  1. If this happened once then it happened many countless times over.In many courtrooms and all fraudclosure mills.

  2. Todd W says:

    Dore and I are joined at the hips. He has been my friendenemy for the last 3 yrs. I “outed” Dore under oath in that same Baltimore County Circuit Court on 11 Aug 2010.

    Dore was forced to admit he had no first hand knowledge of any material facts, has no credibility, could not authenticate any documents, was not an expert witness, had a duty to respond to extrajudicial and judicial discovery requests, his testimony was destroyed with substantial contrary evidence and Dore alleged to have brought the purported “original” note.

    Best part? I got lucky that day and outed Dore BEFORE the news broke a few months later in the Daily Record and Balto. Sun about all the fraudclosure cases Dore, Bierman, Buonassissi, Shapiro, Atlantic Law Group, McCabe Weisberg, and now defunct Friedman and MacFadyen.

    Hope I had something to do with running Friedman out of town. Those monkeys never returned my original note original DOT after a purported “loan” was PAID IN FULL on 22 Dec 2006. So I need to hunt them down like dogs with a skip tracer to get my personal property back they stole.

    Add to this, Dore’s attorney Michael Pate- who I stood next to while he witnessed Dore’s admissions under oath, was caught in open court on video as well, warning notaries due to all the fraudulent docs they “notarized” that “this may not turn out well for us….”

    Here is link to Dore’s testimony. Reduce, reuse and recycle in every court across the country.

    Happy Holidays

    Forgot to mention. ever since I outed Dore, I’ve never been able to get back inside a courtroom. Been 2.5 yrs and counting- Mandamus, appeals, etc. Total obstruction, theft of honest services, bias, prejudice, collusion, RICO, Title 42, Title 18, constitutional torts- state and national. etc. coming to a town near you….

    ho, ho, ho…

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