STOP FORECLOSURES NOW!!! Jamie Dimon Heckled at JP Morgan Senate Testimony (VIDEO)

Jamie Dimon Heckled at JP Morgan Senate Testimony

JPMorgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon was met with noisy protests as he prepared to testify before the Senate Banking Committee on Wednesday.

The head of the nation’s largest bank was in Washington to explain how his bank had lost billions of dollars in a complex trade on corporate debt, which has reignited the debate on oversight of the financial system. The bank’s solvency is not thought to be endangered by the losses.

As soon as Dimon took his seat at the witness table, protesters in the audience stood up and began shouting.

“This man is a crook and needs to go to jail!” yelled one man. “These men are predators on the American taxpayers’ money.”


10 Responses to “STOP FORECLOSURES NOW!!! Jamie Dimon Heckled at JP Morgan Senate Testimony (VIDEO)”
  1. Smug POS! He thinks his Sh!t does not stink! This needs to be raised to the FEDERAL LEVEL! Foreclosures are state actions. The FRAUD these lender perpetuated reached all 50 states! No matter the state, this SHOULD BE a FEDERAL ISSUE by now. No quite title action will prevail in a state court. Lets go back to the beginning. When the lenders used their “legitimacy” as lender to DEFRAUD the “investors” conspiring with the “rating” companies (S & P, Moodys, Fitch, + more) to make as many REMIC’s as quickly as possible. That was the SOLE PURPOSE, to make (and sell) as many REMIC’s as quickly as possible, and sell them! When a contract began as FRAUD, when does it change into a legitimate contract? I submit to you NEVER! It is FRAUD on a NATIONAL SCALE, and these FRAUD PERPETRATORS sold these FRAUD “Investments” to everyone around the World that would buy it! Fraud is Fraud! The notes should be voided by a FEDERAL COURT, THE OCC, or the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! If he really wants to help the middle class, the proof is in the pudding! PROVE IT BARRY, PUT THESE FRAUDSTERS IN JAIL AND VOID THE NOTES! Everyone they already foreclosed on a FRAUD NOTE, gets compensated by a return of their funds paid on a fraud note, down payments and capital improvements that are provable! That is the RIGHT thing to do, but needs to be done on a FEDERAL LEVEL! It is CLEAR the REMIC’s were fraudulent, and the only way this will not happen again is to punish the ones who perpetuated the crime. Anything less is unacceptable, and may be construed as co-conspirators! STOP THE FRAUDSTERS NOW! SMUG PUNK NEEDS TO GO, NOW! If you do this ONE thing Barry, you will have the respect of the entire WORLD, not just the AMERICANS who were deceived by these FRAUD SCHEMERS!

  2. Mystify says:

    Thank you hecklers you made my day! I’m being foreclosed on by chase and that was priceless! Dimon is a dirtbag!

  3. 1ofthemany says:

    Kudos!!! to them blessings to all we will move forwad we re moving forward. Keep the faith!!!

  4. JJ says:

    Thank you !!! To the brave souls who went in person to stand up against the wrong doers !! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts .. your courage brought tears to my eyes .. Thank you !!!

    Shame on the predators and their cronies !!!

  5. Rich Rendina says:

    These guys make the heads of the mafia crime families look like angels. Dimon and the rest of the CEO’s of the “too big to jail” banks were the crime bosses of the largest Ponzi Scheme ever with the assistance of “bought” politicians and judges. In Palm Beach, FL. we have the worst judge to ever been appointed to the bench….Meenu Sasser. She has tens of thousands of money invested in B of A…yet does not recuse herself! Citizens need to speak up and fight this ongoing conspiracy. I am….

  6. stripes says:

    He is a crook and it is also the crooks he works for….the investors….who are the politicians, the judges and the cops.

  7. SEE says:

    He is not even a man cause he is hiding behind the minions that are protecting him. A real man would have reacted differently. He has no conscience, is morally bankrupted, he has a black heart and no soul. Evil is his savior. That is why he is smiling and acting like nothing is wrong.

  8. Amy says:

    The only way to stop a foreclosure or get your home back after a foreclosure is to file a quiet title action in court. It has to be done right and as a separate action.

  9. bobbi swann says:

    He’s smiling because he knows nothing is going to stop him and no harm will come to him from the government! A$$hat, is what he is.

  10. Peggy Johnson says:

    Yes, this man is a crook. He has been allowed to defraud the American people – Tax Payers, Homeowners – by the government and certain States Attorneys General who have ignored complaints about this institution and its criminal behavior against innocent people. The defalcation of billions – a small country – on top of the chicanery that has been perpetrated by schemes to defraud warrants this man’s imprisonment!

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