Daily Show with John Stewart | Ingrateful Basterds – AIG

Ingrateful Basterds – AIG

Former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg thanks the people who bailed out his company by suing them for $25 billion.



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  1. coco21 says:

    This is unbelievable & you found a way to make it humerous but I’m not laughing. We were victims of an illegal foreclosure in 2008 on our home of 24 years at the time. WE live in MA and we had a perfect payment history we should have been mortgage free. The bank never sent a “Notice of Default” because we weren’t in arrears, no “Notice of Sale” nor was in published in the newspaper. We were paying our mortgage and found out 43 days later when they sent a 72 hr notice. We paid $35,000 in legal fees and proved with a preponderance of evidence that the loan was invalid, no payments were credited(we had copies of every payment paid) proof of an INVALID CREDIT BID etc. The Judge was corrupt and made a Judgment not based on the Facts of Law. Our son a Marine Veteran returned from his 2nd deployment to find out the only home he ever knew was gone and we were now homeless. We are different than most of the stories. We never stopped paying on an INVALID LOAN.

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