Facing Foreclosure, Dad, Mom, Daughter Arrested In “Suspicious” Home Fire Set to Collect Insurance Money


Dad, Mom, Daughter Arrested In “Suspicious” Home Fire In Fountain Inn

Credit: Laurens County Sheriff’s Office

Yvonne M. PikeYvonne L. PikeRobert D. Pike

 >>>>> Yvonne M. Pike >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Yvonne L. Pike >>>>>>>>>>>>> Robert D. Pike

FOUNTAIN INN, SC — A father, mother and their daughter have been arrested after sheriff’s deputies say they were involved in a suspicious fire at a home in Fountain Inn.

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division Arson Unit investigated the December 14 fire at a home at 13 Hunter Road.

Robert D. Pike, 64, Yvonne L. Pike, 63, and Yvonne M. Pike, 21, were arrested on Tuesday. LCSO investigators say all three suspects live at that address in Fountain Inn.

LCSO investigators say the home was in foreclosure and they believe the three set the home on fire to collect insurance money.

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3 Responses to “Facing Foreclosure, Dad, Mom, Daughter Arrested In “Suspicious” Home Fire Set to Collect Insurance Money”
  1. greywolf62 says:

    “collect insurance money” … It’s called insurance fraud. It’s a crime and should be prosecuted. Moreover, ever time someone sets a fire, they place lives at risk.

  2. neidermeyer says:

    Any fire under these circumstances would be suspicious , as Sarah said “Don’t do this” , any fire where accelerants (liquid fuel) is involved , any fire where the electricity is off to the house , or any fire where there is financial duress is suspicious as is a fire where the people and pets all get out without having been in real danger. Having a fire where you are away from the house on a cruise for instance would be suspicious … The people that get away with this plead stupidity ,, they fell asleep with the turkey in the oven or with a cigarette in their hands… or maybe they rented the house out and “John Smith/tenant” had an accident… maybe there was a party and one of the guests did something stupid… maybe the attic caught fire during a lightning storm…

  3. Sarah says:

    Don’t do this, there is another system of justice that works fine for these less than subtle forms of acting out. Become a Bankster, then you can “burn” down entire neighborhoods, without raising any suspicion. Makes for great news though don’t it? Eat it up.

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