Former Process Server Gets 3 Years for Filing False Court Documents


Former process server gets 3 years for filing false court documents

Former process server Maurice Carroll was sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of 37 months in prison for his conviction in a scheme to file false affidavits in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas justice courts.

This came as a prosecutor revealed that police are investigating Carroll on a variety of new allegations, including identity theft, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud and theft from a public utility.

Carroll, 44, who is in custody, admitted to District Judge Elissa Cadish that he has used two identities since he left the Las Vegas police force 13 years ago.

In a rambling plea to avoid prison, Carroll showed no remorse and blamed his legal troubles on Chief Deputy District Attorney Mike Staudaher, who he said blew the criminal case against him out of proportion.

“We ran a legitimate business,” Carroll said. “This was a total mistake.”

But Cadish didn’t buy his words, calling him a “predator” who took advantage of desperate people.

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6 Responses to “Former Process Server Gets 3 Years for Filing False Court Documents”
  1. Point of Information… This idiot was never a licensed process server in Nevada according to the licensing board. He posed as a process server never actually was one. He was a crook who thought he could get away with cutting corners. Also the affidavits that he or his people falsified were on mostly defaulted pay day loans not Foreclosure cases. I am not defending him, he deserves to be jailed, but it is important that the facts are presented on this forum.

  2. Bonnie Green says:

    I just have to ask how does this continue? This guy sounded like he really didn’t know he. Did anything wrong. I lost my home n till this day am not sure if the lawyers who foreclosed had a right to on behalf of Eastern Savings
    Bank who says they owned it on my credit rating it shows Homeward mortgage then eastern. Then at one point it had American Hime Mortgae n Credit Suisse filed it by Mers I never knew that any of these banks were tossing my loan around. Couldn’t get help no one could trace or produce the note. No one judge made them provide the right to foreclose. 40 years in my home n Zinga I have to move by June n pay rent to stay until then.
    When will they be prosecuted? I’m surprised this has not caused a revolution. Homeowners killing themselves because this action renders the once proud homeowner , vagrant. Homeless penniless distraught shell of a family. THIS HAS TO STOP!! Grandmothers, young couples, hardworking kicked to the curb daily n no one can stop it! We are not like our fore fathers we do not have the INTESTINAL FORTITUDE they inherently did

  3. Todd W says:

    we are suing process servers who trespass on posted land. the weak links are the ones to go after then work up from there. think about it. the process servers who work for fraudclosure mills like the deadbeats who did the “sewer service” for defunct wanker David Stern are broke. Sue them and make them spend money they don’t have.. everyone should have NO TRESPASS signs up. it will get quiet around your home when you make them YouTube rockstars. It can actually be fun.

    take the fight to them and make the weak links useful idiots. that is a winning strategy

  4. Alabama John says:

    As expected, a few little ones will be gotten.

    When will the real bad ones way up the chain of command that benefited the most go to prison?

    Ought to be percent of punishment in direct relation to percent of profitability.

  5. Everybody involved in this farce deserves to be jailed and held accountable,from the big boys right on down the line.You can’t believe anything any of them say as they were all bent on doing thier worst to us and surpassing even thier wildest expectations.Now they try to show remorse.Day late dollar short.Who’s crying now?

  6. PJP, Esq. says:

    Not that this person should not be punished, but why aren’t all of the robosigners and all of the people in charge at DocX, et al also being put in jail for over 3 years?!!!!

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