Florida Courts Receive $5 Million from Fraudclosure Settlement that Provides “Technology Solutions” to Speed Foreclosure Cases Through the System

Kangaroo Court

Florida homeowners, and homebuyers, get $60 million boost

State lawmakers this week divvied up how $60 million of Florida’s mortgage settlement money will be used to aid struggling homeowners, with more than half flowing to first-time homebuyers for down payment assistance and millions directed at borrowers through legal aid and housing counseling.

Also, Florida’s circuit courts will get $5 million for additional employees to handle foreclosures and to provide “technology solutions” to speed cases through the system.

The money is part of $334 million the state received in the March settlement between attorneys general and the nation’s five largest banks to atone for foreclosure-related abuses. State coffers got $74 million of the payment, which included a 10 percent civil penalty allowed for in the settlement and another $40 million civil penalty added through an agreement between lawmakers and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi.

The lion’s share, $200 million, will be spent on “housing-related purposes” at the discretion of lawmakers who will dole it out during this year’s legislative session.

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3 Responses to “Florida Courts Receive $5 Million from Fraudclosure Settlement that Provides “Technology Solutions” to Speed Foreclosure Cases Through the System”
  1. neidermeyer says:

    Gave a down arrow for the inferred violent action…

    You should expect this from the PBP , Palm Beach is 100% 1%ers and they write for their audience ,, West Palm is another story completely. The 1%ers see nothing wrong with continuing the rape of the people that’s been ongoing for 100 years and accelerated mightily in the 1970’s … Real wages for most of us have fallen for over 30 years and their wealth (retained earnings) have skyrocketed during that time. One of the biggest bankster cheerleaders is Rush Limbaugh ,, his neighbor and financial expert “go to” guy for information is Wilbur Ross , the billionaire that bought AHMSI and is pursuing hundreds of thousands of foreclosures that he has no security interest in (as evidenced by his lawsuit against LPS/DocX regarding his displeasure with their forgeries not being accepted by all the courts all the time) .. If Rush would only wake up and see how the law is being abused he would be a powerful ally.

    • neidermeyer says:

      Someone SHOULD put a mechanics lien on Rush’s house ,, just to get some face time with him … we need a powerful voice.. and he seems to be coming around somewhat.

  2. bobbi swann says:

    WTF!!!! Sham and fraud. Florida is so da@@ corrupt! Now the monies awarded as an alternative to ‘real’ justice in courts is now back in the courts to AGIN lay out more injustice and corruption! It never stops!!! And this Kimberly with the Palm Beach Post has nothing but praise for banks; never in her articles that she writes for the PBP does she ever really support the homeowners. She’s no more of a reporter than Barack Obama. But they do share one likeness: they both love to kiss the a$$ of the banksters! This state is soooooo bad; so much corruption; so much fraud. It’s a sheer wonder that someone hasn’t gone over the edge and shot up court officials. If I had a job as a politician or someone in the court system I think I would be looking over my shoulder 24/7. Didn’t I read somewhere lately after the recent shootings that gun sales in Florida suddenly jumped? Scarey situation.

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