Increased Foreclosure Rates Approaching

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Increased Foreclosure Rates Approaching

Foreclosures slowed between a peak in 2010 and the close of 2012 due to pending legal action against big banks and growing demand by the federal government that foreclosure practices be better executed and monitored. Now that settlements have been reached and a U.S. housing recovery is in progress, however, many experts expect foreclosure activity to increase in 2013 and beyond. Despite a national decrease in the average, foreclosures still rose in 25 states during the two-year moratorium and now the rest may be poised to play catch-up. For more on this continue reading the following article from TheStreet…


3 Responses to “Increased Foreclosure Rates Approaching”
  1. Ali says:

    What “Media might that be?”. No disrepect intended but where has the media been for the jast several years? Those that have spoken up have eerily disapeared! Just let me know what “Media” would like to hear the most aggregious VA foreclosure story and I will get right to it! Media, thats a laugh. They are bought and sold too!

  2. Mystify says:

    Stop making payments stop answering your phone, we need to clog up the system to make a statement! The banks will foreclose on you whether you pay them or not so save your money you are going to need it! Stop the insanity!

  3. Alexander says:

    Who was the robo signer in your case? Mine was Tamara Price of Citi Res
    Whatever you do, don’t give. Go to the media

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