Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway Charged With Criminal Bank Fraud


Diane Hathaway, Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Charged With Fraud

DETROIT — Federal prosecutors have filed a fraud charge against Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway, just a few days before she leaves the state’s highest court in a scandal involving the sale of a Detroit-area home and suspicious steps taken to conceal property in Florida.

The charge was filed Friday as a criminal “information,” which means it was negotiated and that a guilty plea is expected in federal court. Defense attorney Steve Fishman declined to comment Saturday.

Hathaway is resigning Monday, months after a series of questionable real estate transactions first were revealed by a Detroit TV station. Hathaway and her husband, Michael Kingsley, deeded a Florida home to Kingsley’s daughter while trying to negotiate a short sale on a house they couldn’t afford in Grosse Pointe Park.

In a short sale, a bank agrees to a sale that wipes out any remaining mortgage, a significant benefit for any borrower. The 2011 deal went through and erased the couple’s $600,000 debt in Michigan. Five months later, in 2012, the debt-free Windermere, Fla., home worth more than $600,000 went back in their names for $10.

The bank fraud charge says Hathaway made false statements to ING Direct, transferred property to others and failed to disclose available cash – all in an effort to fool the bank into believing she had a severe financial hardship. Kingsley, also a lawyer, has not been charged.

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6 Responses to “Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway Charged With Criminal Bank Fraud”
  1. Fed Up says:

    Ok alright so when do the mother F—krs from the banks get indicted??

    WHEN !!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Sunny Sheu’s judge had a some real estate.

    • Todd W says:

      sunny got whacked for exposing crooked dirtbag “judge”.

      Even though I’m in MD, I went after wanker bankers (M&T Bank) and fraudclosure mill in Brooklyn, NY (Shack’s backyard) and wankers removed pre-suit discovery per NY CPLR 3102(c) to fed court then put “one of the oldest law firms in New York” (Hodgson Russ) on my case with a partner/ pro tem judge and 30yr “complex litigation” expert on my case for little ole me.

      Wanker fed judge obstructed, denied hearing, blah, blah. Just getting warmed up. Everyone knows the wanker judges are on payroll of banks but there is a political window right now to sink your fangs into their a……

      Same fraudclosure mill I went after (Thomas P. Dore) was just found guilty of violating multiple rules of professional conduct.

      Then all of a sudden I’m actually getting Orders in my favor in last 60 days (after a 4 yr slog). So there are things happening behind the scenes and this wanker “judge” who was busted in MI is just the tip of the iceberg.

      Keep the pressure on. Study Sun Tzu- Art of War. When your enemy is weakest, that is where you attack the hardest….

  3. They are just making an example of her to show they are doing something dealing with foreclosure fraud. Why don’t they file criminal charges against the banks. They have also made false statements, transferred property to other entities when they didn’t own it and “blatant and brazen” violations of professional conduct and forgery, notary fraud, fraud upon the courts and a long list of fraudulent practices. So they make a big deal out of Judge Hathaway yet let the banks continue to get off for mere pennies. There are law for the people, but those laws do not apply to the banks or the government.

  4. 2 Pirates Over 40 says:

    Oh she will just say it was a paper work error and that will be the end of it. Remember she’s a judge and they don’t have to uphold the law, they can break any laws they feel the need to break.
    If that was you or me, we would be sitting in prision for a long time……just saying…..

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