The Untouchables: Why No One On Wall Street has Been Prosecuted – Frustration in Washington (Part 3)

Part Three

The Untouchables – Frustration in Washington

Lawmakers question executives and grow impatient with the pace of criminal investigations.

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  1. cwoodie says:

    My hat goes off to the Untouchables for coming forward with their information., I knew all along that the housing crisis was a PONZI SCHEME ORCHASTRATED by the GREEDY B******’s..I knew all along, 60 million people were not IRRESPONSIBLE, and the TRAGEDY is; the SO-CALLED “TO BIG TO FAIL” BANKS, thought they would not get caught. They have disrupted hard working people throughout this country who by no fault of their own, needed assistance with their mortgages, and that includes me. The GREEDY DOGS took our tax paid dollars to get a BAILOUT to help struggling homeowners and instead, tried to make a profit at consumers expense. here is a prime example; my home approximately worth; $120,000, guaranteed bailout for each home, $80,000; foreclose on your home & put it back on the market for at least $100,000, guess what, that equals out to $200,000…$120,000-$20,000 +$80,000+ sell for $100,000 = $200,000…Countrywide was supposed to be considered because of their SO-CALLED financial status. I am a victim of the Fraud, and hope that everyone of the GREEDY,LYING, CONNIVING, HYPOCRITS ARE PROSECUTED. How about the so-called INDEPENDENT FORECLOSURE REVIEW AND BANK OF AMERICA, WHO — USED PROMONTORY FINANCIAL, AND GENERATED OVER 2000 QUESTIONS TO MAKE IT WORK IN THEIR FAVOR. SOME OF THE REVIEW PERSONNEL SAID BOFA MGRS. TOLD THEM TO PUT THEIR HANDS OVER THEIR EYES AND PRETEND THAT THEY DID NOT SEE ALL OF THE FRAUD, MISTAKES, AND DOCUMENTS DESERVING SOME INTERPRETATION. BOFA BIG GUNS ALSO THREATENED TO FIRE THE REVIEW PERSONNEL IF THEY MADE IT PUBLIC WHAT WAS GOING ON. THE EMPLOYEE’S SAID THEY GOT AN EMPTY BLDG BELONGING TO COUNTRYWIDE AND MOVED THEIR EMPLOYEE’S IN THE BLDD. DEMANDED THAT THEY DO AS THEY WERE TOLD, (NO DIFFERENT FROM THE ROBO-SIGNING) AND HAD THE REVIEW PERSONNEL TO CODE THE DOCUMENTS THAT WAS MAILED IN FOR REVIEW, KNOWING FULL WELL THEY WERE SETTING UP A PONZI SCHEME, AND HAD THE AUDACITY TO LAUGH AT SOME OF THE DOCUMENTS WHEN THEY WERE QUESTIONED ABOUT THE HERRORS..WHAT A BUNCH OF ARROGANT JERKS. I HOPE THEIR STOLEN MONEY ROT IN HELL, YOU BETTER BELIEVE THERE IS A “GOD” WHO IS ABOVE ALL, OVER ALL, AND OWNS ALL. THAT IS WHY ALL OF THEIR NASTY DIRT IS BEING UNCOVERED AND I HOPE THAT THE OCCUPY WALLSTREETER’S MAKE EVEN MORE PUBLIC SO THAT THE WORKING PEOPLE/COSUMERS KNOW WHAT THEIR LYING A**’S HAVE DONE..I FOR ONE WILL CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS FAIR AND RIGHT…

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