Zombie Foreclosure Could Mean Free House for Some (VIDEO)



3 Responses to “Zombie Foreclosure Could Mean Free House for Some (VIDEO)”
  1. Sergio de la Cruz says:

    Where is it?

  2. Why do people still say, “There’s not enough money AfTeR Paying ThE mortgage!!! They don’t! They BK it and keep lots for their trouble, business 101, or rather, the American Way !

  3. VicHentz says:

    Banks forgive principle? In your dreams lady. Too big to fail banks, run by to big to jail banksters. don’t have to do squat.

    Back taxes…..meaningless!

    Building and Zoning code violations…….nadda!

    Environmental no-no’s (mosquito swamps in the non-maintained pools)…..not our worry!

    Just don’t YOU try it!

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