DoJ “Will Never Cooperate” with Frontline Again After Airing of “Hit Piece” Untouchables


DoJ “Will Never Cooperate” with Frontline Again After Airing of “Hit Piece” Untouchables

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  1. sgt_doom says:

    The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

    I despise Fox, better known as FoxFiction, for the very same reason I despise PBS and the Front Line show which appears on it; they both are nothing more than propaganda vehicles. I’ve ranted enough over the years about Rupert Murdoch and his criminal propaganda operations, but for the concise lowdown on his “legalization” of news fictionalization, please read Kristina Borjesson’s outstanding book, Into the Buzzsaw (a fantastic achievement by Ms. Borjesson).

    The other day, Frontline broadcasted a show on their take on why none of the guilty parties have gone to jail for all the financial fraud — and law breaking and violation — involved in the financial meltdown that we hear and read about on an almost daily basis.

    It was so thoroughly contrived and such nonsense that any self-aware human had to be nauseated by it!

    Some years back, an editor at the Seattle Times explained to me how they falsified the news (this was during a heated and argumentative discussion, when I accosted them about some highly misleading stories in their rag): the newsy interviews the disinformation specialist — usually a corporate lobbyist — who spews forth their lies, therefore the reporter/journalist/editor bears no legal culpability whatsoever — since the interviewee was spouting the lies and fiction.

    Of course, the newsy never bothers to ever verify, or fact check, anymore!
    Frontline did this most effectively, although they still were culpable in repeating the Wall Street and US Chamber of Commerce talking point nonsense.
    The mortgage foreclosures, a relatively small percentage at the beginning, had really nothing to do with the economic meltdown, it was almost superfluous (although it would figure among the global insurance swindles, it was really only one of a host of factors).

    It was the never-ending ultra-leveraging of the debt, over and over and over again.

    Securitization, or the transforming of debt into securities, the selling of financial instruments based upon the ongoing and future promise of payment of said debt, then selling more financial instruments based upon those financial instruments, then selling even more financial instruments based upon those, etc., etc., etc.

    That’s ultra-leveraging, but again, only part of it — they also re-securitized the original securitization, and re-re-securitized again, then re-re-re-re-securitized again, etc.

    Layer upon layer upon endless layer of debt/financial instruments: why there are so many multi-billionaires and so many people struggling today.
    Add to that still other components: something they call re-hypothecation, or using other collateral as your own (really a form of fraudulent borrowing, ostensibly illegal in the USA, but legal in the UK (but it never stopped them here in America, now did it?) by the banksters, speculators and derivatives dealers.

    Now add to that all the insider speculation, wash trades (the trading back and forth by speculators to drive up, or down, commodity and stock values), and LIBOR rate manipulation (please remember, that LIBOR manipulation affected an estimated potential of $800 trillion worth of contracts — that’s TRILLION, or 1,000 billion times 800 — super-sized numbers which derived from all that ultra-leveraging — so they manipulated their manipulations . . ).

    So when Frontline is too damned lazy to consult some law books and relies on the DOJ’s Lanny Breuer to spout nonsense (a guy who made his big bucks defending the people he’s supposed to now be investigating when he worked at Covington & Burling with Attorney General Holder) and they repeat the Wall Street mantra about the so-called underlying causes of their meltdown (“nobody could have foreseen it” / “unexpected consequences” school of fiction), they, Frontline and PBS, are nothing more than the standard propaganda conduit, just like Rupert Murdoch’s FoxFiction.

    [Where that mortgage foreclosure, or fraudclosure, enters the picture is how it was used by various parties — John Paulson and his hedge fund, Goldman Sachs, AIG, Magnetar Capital, Ambac, MBIA, etc., etc., etc., to rig credit derivative deals (CDOs and their variants) to enact the largest insurance swindles in human history — thereby stealing billions upon billions in the process, but it also involved many other types of loans and debt — remember, they securitized just about EVERYTHING!]

    • bobbi swann says:

      @ Sgt Doom – ans just where are YOU getting your facts that you used in this post, eh? Like “The mortgage foreclosures, a relatively small percentage at the beginning, had really nothing to do with the economic meltdown…”? Really? Can you back up that statement with fact? Or how about your conversation with an “editor” at the Seattle Times? Did you ever bother to back that ‘hearsay’ conversation? But you will come here & post that Frontline is too damned lazy to consult law books, etc? I can write a book, in fact ANYBODY can write a book. Tht does not make the words the truth. So, of all the books that have been written over the last 8 years on the ‘crisis’ and all those involved, now there is a book by this Kristina who reveals all the truth about Murdoch and crimminal propaganda? And you slam Frontline? You don’t like or trust Fox News so you rely on who? what? ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN the mass media that takes its orders from the banksters? The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? You probably wouldn’t recognize it if it hit you in the face.

  2. SEE says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Maybe someone forgot to pay off the producers of Frontline. If you can’t face the truth, quit. Oh wait, Breuer did just that. The DOJ needs to own up to the fact that they screwed up big time in many ways.

  3. Albi Mason says:

    Is the DOJ really that naive? Certainly,they must have known that FRONTLINE is all about exposing the truth, and is not in league with the state-controlled media.

  4. TheHutMaster says:

    Jail all those covering this mess up with their silly BULLSHIT LIES!

    “Fight the Good Fight”
    Ever Minute, Every Day!

  5. bobbi swann says:

    I’m sorry but that is a sick comment to make by the DOJ! Frontline are reporters of the REAL kind and it’s a shame that the DOJ made such an outright statement. They just don’t want the truth to come out while all other journalists (or so they want to call themselves) on the main stream media are mere puppets controlled by Washington! Thank God for Frontline, our only real true insight and fact-reporting news! Everyone should write, call or email the DOJ protesting their statement.

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