Texas | Williamson County Clerk Conducts Audit of Property Records for Violations of State Law Created by Third Party Document Manufacturers”

Linda Green

County Clerk Conducts Audit of Records

Williamson County Clerk Nancy Rister has had an audit conducted of the County’s Official Public Records (OPR).  This audit is the first of its type for the State of Texas; however, these audits have been conducted in other states.

The County hired DK Consultants out of San Antonio to perform the audit last October.  The process took one week to audit official public records including trustees’ deeds, deeds, assignments of deed of trust, and other documents.  On Tuesday, January 29, 2013, the Williamson County Commissioners Court will hear a presentation of the findings of the real property records audit during its regular court meeting starting at 9:30 a.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom on the second floor of the historic county courthouse, 710 S. Main Street, in Georgetown.

“During the audit, they are reviewing the documents for errors created by third party document manufacturers which can create a chain of title problem,” stated County Clerk Nancy Rister.  “These errors are violations of state law and will be referred to the Attorney General’s Office.”

The results of the audit revealed hundreds of issues involving suspect robosigning, suspect surrogate signing, suspect notary fraud and suspect forgery.  The Williamson County Clerk’s Office estimates that it has lost more than $957,000 because of documents that have not been recorded and should have been according to Texas law.  In addition, the public is being victimized by the lack of accurate records and in some cases the loss of their home.  The OPR audit cost $12,500 and was paid for from the County Clerk’s records management fund.

In addition, County Clerk Nancy Rister pointed out that some of these issues can be detected through Property Fraud Alert Software recently purchased and available on the Clerk’s website.  The new software allows Williamson County residents to sign up for notifications if documents are filed in Official Public Records with their names on them.

SOURCE: http://www.wilco.org



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  1. I live in Williamson County. Select Portfolio Servicing hired docx like company Richmond Monroe Group in Mo. to do a fraud assignment of mortgage for them from bankrupt and out of biz Contimortgage co. to NY based Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co. I think they gave them power of Attorney to do it for them? It was signed by known robo signer Bill Koch. They put the loan note back into the trust 13 years late in violation of IRS REMIC law. We worked as delegates to Texas GOP Williamson County convention and got our mortgage fraud resolution passed for our county last May. It can be found on the GOP party platform for Williamson. Williamson County GOP is officially behind fighting mortgage servicing fraud and foreclosure fraud! Nancy was so impressed with what we did she asked to meet us last May and supported our cause to take it to TX State Convention. We couldn’t get it passed due to red tape, but will continue to work within our party to make changes. Get involved with your party and fight back! WE THE PEOPLE must unite!

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    We need this audit across the country in every county on all homes. It begs to be answered why it has not been done already Years ago and ongoing now and in the future. No one to police the thieves. Good work Williamson County Clerk Nancy Rister. Hopefully something positive will come of it at least for them.

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