US Banks Sued Over Foreclosure Plans (VIDEO)

US banks sued over foreclosure plans

A class action lawsuit has been filed targeting the Bank of America for evicting homeowners during a holiday moratorium on foreclosures.


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  1. David says:

    So many folks still dont get it,if you refinanced your home any where between late 2004-2008 you can prob bet that your loan was a sham.I know theres other vintages and types but for sure if then and a refi you were shamed,so you need to get your docs together,get your info from the county recorders and start sending those QWR’s and then you might just stumble on the bold faced lies that can help you fight for your home,for your rights because as most know mods and reductions and settlements and regulation does not happen in the territory formerly known as the United States of America.Good luck and lets come together.

    • Ben Howard says:

      What are QWR’s ? BRH

      • David says:

        Qualified Written Request,must be sent certified mail with return receipt requested,so you know when the so called lender gets your request and has a certain number of days to respond with information that is pertinent to the particulars of your transaction-ie-who the “Investor is,and get copies of the escrow papers from closing and title issues,is it registered to Mers,and so on.I never ever got copies of my closing docs or the fees,from my loan broker who I thought had my interests at heart,when really they all have and had there own at heart regardless of the outcome.So when I got the info I requested I was shocked to see that all of it was very dif from the papers that I thought I was signing and I know there are some folks that would say “you signed it”and its your bad and what not but I think you can see it is very possible when your thinking”this is why your paying an escrow co,and an title co,and so on.Long of the short on my sit is my financial institution said amongst other things that they paid off my second that I myself paid off 2 months prior to closing and have the cancelled checks to prove it.Now we are not even touching on the fraudulent modification bs there pulling,thats another novel.Good luck,keep me posted.

      • Ben Howard says:

        Who do I get QWR from the Bank HSBC or Loan servicer Ocwen ?

      • David says:

        B.H. So sorry forgot that part,you can find that online free or the hud site and many legal doc type sites as far as HSBC,or Ocwen 2 of the most shady in a long line of shady casting,they will not be pleased to see that,they Bank on folks not standing up for whats honest and ethical[Fact=95%of all foreclosures go uncontested]and saying “well were underwater,and cant afford to pay so lets walk”when in the real world most of them do not legally have the right to foreclose.Does that mean that you are going to win?Who knows these days but its better to fight for your rights and your home.peace man you gotta get busy,read and do your homework,its important for all of us.

  2. robert tatge says:

    1. Highly concern when I was turned down twice on a refinance, by Countrywide. All at once Fifth Third Bank did the refinance. I believe Country-wide look at all the “QUIETIONABLE LOANS” and rush to remove them from their books anyway they could, using known brokers that could get this job done! before the transfer to BANK OF AMERICA. I believe they blind-sided them also…. You see Fifth Third Bank started right away with appraisal imperiling, loan application, and my credit report approving. Then after approval Fifth Third Bank, start with Forced Placed insurance at $500 per month more on the payment, I had automatically take from my checking acct., this caused me to cash in my 401k plans just to cover, later to find out, I had insurance and Fifth Third Bank paid for it out of my escrow…Then Foreclosure with all attempts to refinance with them were refused.
    They were the predator that worked with Countrywide in all these dealings, and ended up unharmed! I want my home back, free and clear with compensation, A.S.A.P.
    without prejudice,
    Robert Tatge
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