8News Investigates Widespread National Conspiracy: Fraudclosure ‘Grand Theft House’ (VIDEO)

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8News Investigates: Fraudclosure ‘Grand Theft House’ (VIDEO)

“This was a widespread national conspiracy,” said state senator Chap Peterson.

The company at the center of the national conspiracy Peterson is referring to is Processing Services Inc., and it’s subsidiaries that include DOCX.

Many of America’s biggest banks hired outside parties, such as DOCX to manufacture documents during the housing bubble.

They often signed papers without ever looking at them using fake titles and names such as Linda Green, and Linda Green is certainly not the only questionable signature used.

Our investigation uncovered dozens of different robo-signed names on thousands of mortgages here in Central Virginia

These are the full court documents retrieved by 8News Investigative Reporter A.J. Lagoe, in his report on “robo-signing,” a form of mortgage fraud here in Virginia.

Read the court petition HERE
Read the final judgement HERE



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  1. Good to see some MSM coverage and understanding of the problem. We should send our local tv news editors a link to this one. Maybe they’ll do it for their local markets.

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