Bill Moyers | Matt Taibbi on Big Banks’ Lack of Accountability

Matt Taibbi on Big Banks’ Lack of Accountability

Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi joins Bill to discuss the continuing lack of accountability for “too big to fail” banks which continue to break laws and act unethically because they know they can get away with it. Taibbi refers specifically to the government’s recent settlement with HSBC — “a serial offender on the money laundering score” — who merely had to pay a big fine for shocking offenses, including, Taibbi says, laundering money for both drug cartels and banks connected to terrorists.


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  1. David says:

    Matt hits the nail on the head.Washington,obama,the Doj,the lawyers the cronies all are turning there cheek to the crimes that have the American people hurting while there loving life as elitist and raising the tax’s for the middle class and there is zero accountability it is all a scham and theatre.It is the people who own this country and you can take the big banks out of it and there all going to need our tax dollars to feed there kids,so is a little justice too much to ask for?

  2. gwen caranchini says:

    What the real problem is the judges will not hold the banks and servicers feet to the fire for discovery and let them get away with all sorts of violations of the procedural laws in state and federal court. As a 35 year litigator who talks regularly on line with other trial lawyers, we all say the same thing. If WE did these things, we would be sanctioned. The problem is you have too many judges that are “in bed” with the big banks and their law firms. I don’t make that claim lightly but if you talk to those of us in the field we will all tell you the same thing. The judges grant sj rather than let homeowners get discovery. They refuse to remand cases to the state court when they should be. They deny the homeowner the basics of procedural due process. The homeowner when he can appeals, and when the appeals court reverses the banks settle the cases for loan mods which they have no right to give and fail to pay minimum abounts for their egregious actions. In no other area of the law over 35 years have any of us seen such egregious actions. Yet NO one is investigating this angle. They seem to believe these settlements are getting to the average homeowner. They are not. I have been on line for thousands of hours over the last three years and I have yet to hear of anyone getting anything from these settlements. There continues to be a total lack of interest of what is happening on the lowest levels of the totem pole where this all started–with the homeowner. My own case consolidated in fed court in WD of MO is an example: three years, two attempted remands that should have been granted, not one iota of discovery, granting the def protective orders on dis while the banks file M/SJ even though Rule 56 aff are filed, and over 500 entries in the Pacer system and I have never met the judge or had a conference call with him. Most cases in our juris are disposed of in three plus years and the only disposition will be a sj no doubt in the banks favor on my QT/DC action. Its disgusting. Sanctions should have been entred any number of times. But it is the total lack of discovery to find out even the minimum about my loan valuation that is really quite astounding to me. But do I see any investigation into cases like mine around the country which abound. Not one. See Case No 4:10 CV 00672 DGK consolidated and get sick to your stomach.

    • usedkarguy says:

      gc: we’re on the bubble here in Wi Fed dist. Can’t wiat to hear the judge in this case. he must have something to say; it’s been 3 months. you are right about one thing: the judges hate homeowners and their defense attorneys. Bank dicks file all kinds of crap and abuse the process, and we get called dilatory at the slightest delay. Their backs are up against the wall now.

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