Fraudclosure: Bank ‘Error’ Nearly Causes Veteran, 91, to Lose Her Home to Fannie Mae (VIDEO)

Bank error nearly causes veteran, 91, to lose her home

Last year, Chase Bank refused Mrs. Wilson’s mortgage payments because there was an escrow problem — and not of her making. Her proof of insurance was never passed on by the branch bank to the mortgage division. That triggered a default, so her home was sold to Fannie Mae, and she can’t take surprises.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Bankster/Treasury Department: “You signed your name, so we do as we please”

  2. eif2011 says:

    Glad to see it is Chase Bank that can admit errors; they do happen – especially in our times of “big data” shuffling. . I am being threatened / harassed in New York with some similar features as in this admirable woman’s story.

    Recently AARP, NY TImes, etc. report it happening to significant numbers of older widows. Enormously stressful. Bank Reps say i its “above their pay leve”l to look into it.

    Are there any pro bono attorneys here willing to help?
    Thanking you in advance,

  3. guest says:

    She ‘GETS TO STAY IN HER HOME?” damned right she gets to stay in her home – Chase should be penalized and the remainder of the mortgage wiped out as punishment – a 91 year old who has paid her dues and Chase gets on camera time as a beacon of goodness – come on. . . Her lawyers should sue just for the fact that these are the very issues that are swept under the rug all the time; and the law firm was ‘just looking for a good case . . .” a good case would have been to drown Chase in legal and judicial barbed wire.

    • 1ofthemany says:

      @ Guest You are so correct, they should be kissing her feet!!!! with much ado!! Past time for the thieves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent …

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