William Black: Judge Rules Against a Bank – Precedent Could Cost Bank of America (VIDEO)

Judge Rules Against a Bank – Precedent Could Cost Bank of America

Bill Black: Judge rules that Flagstar, a big mortgage lender that gave “liars loans”, is liable to insurance company – same issues at stake in Bank of America case.



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  1. It wasn’t a liar loan they had 20 percent down. My inheritance home values at 550 600 620 bank refused to honor sale of 450 on one sold to federal government 120? Making payments on seconds bank told me pay what you can seconds were interest only the whole time negotiating being told what house to live in? Yes you can keep your home? Then short sale? Lost all of them sleeping on car major fall disabled loss of job income? Trying to recover? Citibank wells fargo declines to honor credit protection sells to Calvary porfolio collections/winn law? Court’s contine to find banks? Consumers still left trying to put their lives back. There are no laws to protect us. They win

  2. Leah says:

    CWABS 2007-2 Bank of New York Mellon, is not the investor, Bank of America, is the Servicer for Securitized Mortgage’s but here is the clincher and I wish someone would listen. I am not stupid. BONY does not hold note or physically own property as has been written to me on several occassions by BONY but Bank of America claims BONY owns and holds note. Neither can produce blue ink copy of promissory note. Who owns 155397447? Deed of Trust says America’s Wholesale Lender is Lender. NOTHING ADDS UP BONY and BOA for 2 years have not been able to do anything but produce robo signed documents and lies. So investigate REMIC CWABS 2007-2 155397447 and see for yourself. 100% fraud.:

    • Wayne says:

      Leah ………. write to me webnova@aol.com ……. I’m in the same boat … haven’t paid my mortgage in over 4 years.

    • neidermeyer says:

      “Americas Wholesale Lender” is why … it was a trade name ,, not an actual name of a company ,, their documents show ownership by NOBODY … live long and prosper oh most lucky one.

      • Leah says:

        I would love to believe that but let shed some light on a very serious situation in Harris County Land and County Records. Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of America, Recontrust are claiming ownership of these properties by doing assignments to the deed of trust just as recent as May 2014. Nobody is stopping them so they are taking ownership. What can I say? Welcome to a court system that doesn’t work. I have been watching and keeping track and our Land and County Clerks office is filing the documents left and right every day of the week not checking to see if what the Banks are doing is valid. What a shame. Oh and by the way where is Recontrust website? What happened?

  3. allisunra says:

    What is in it for the homeowners???

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