Happytown: HB 87 Fast Tracking Florida Foreclosures

Florida Fair Foreclosure Act

Happytown: Fast tracking Florida foreclosures

Tallahassee bill could put people at risk of not being able to fend off foreclosure

If you’re going to be the best at something, it should probably be something good, right? Well, residing in the state of Florida has routinely allowed you to be No. 1 in foreclosures nationwide, a fact that doesn’t seem to be impacting Gov. Rick Scott’s $100 million re-election schemata in the least. Yeah, we know, foreclosure talk can be boring and totally depressing, but the seemingly counterintuitive forces at play in Florida’s housing predicament present an odd and cynical wrestling match that threatens the state’s citizens far more than it does its elected figureheads. Considering that one in every 32 of the state’s houses (3.1 percent) was served with a legal filing in 2012, we might have a problem.

So, what’s being done about it? Injustice, literally. On Feb. 7, a House panel played along with the fast-tracking of House Bill 87 (filed by state Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples), a rusty sliver of legislation designed to expedite the whole foreclosure process, because, you know, it’s getting a little bottleneck-y up in the courthouses. Passidomo’s argument is basically that because the state doesn’t really regulate the “relationship” between lenders and buyers, it should take a similarly laissez-faire approach to how it’s dealing with the foreclosure pile-up. Because, um, free market!

Apparently, nobody’s terribly happy with the regurgitated compromise language – a similar bill passed the House last year, but not the Senate – because it requires lenders to have their paperwork in order, but mostly because it’s a slippery slope directed toward non-judicial foreclosure.

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  1. Mel says:

    I watch American Greed story on Troy Titus who was doing the same illegal investing the bank did,he was charge with fraud and is now in jail. How can they pass this law to cover up the bank wrong doing. If it is wrong for one it should be wrong for everyone

  2. MARIO KENNY says:


    ***please vote *****no*** on the attached link and please re-post the link thanks*** you can vote no matter which state you are in, we need the votes*** thnaks

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