So God Made A Banker: Part Deux (VIDEO)

This is a little different from our post last week with a similar title but just as good…


One Response to “So God Made A Banker: Part Deux (VIDEO)”
  1. Hmmmmmmmm God did make bankers! Now what? He made snakes to! And predatory animals of many kinds! It appears we are here to learn. So far I dont like this college. One thing I have learned is big greedy bankers separate the good from the evil. I know there is good in all things and I know good bankers, I am talking big greedy bankers. Just because God made them does not mean we are not meant to take them down and put them in jail like other predators. =) God made bankers but the devil entered the greedy ones souls and they need to go to jail where all phycopathic predatory people belong.

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