Have Florida’s Courts Declared War Against Foreclosure Defense?

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“What if the drug cartels, as part of their plea deals with government attorneys, agreed to pay $5 million in fines. And what if government officials announced they were spending that money specifically on drug courts, hiring special judges and staff.”


Have Florida’s Courts Declared War Against Foreclosure Defense?

woke this morning to read a just issued court Order which reads like a partisan manifesto against foreclosure defense.  This long and detailed order makes many, many findings of fact and bends and twists to fit those facts into many different interpretations of law.  The order cites cases from long, long ago and from far, far away.  It’s quite incredible to read on order that cites case law from different states…especially when there’s a real deep body of case law from right here in the circuit.  And one’s legal analysis radar really start going off when an order is buried deep citing cases from decades ago….just after the turn of the century.  No, not this century, but the early 1900′s.

My read of this order gives me very serious concerns about whether defendants in foreclosure will get a fair and impartial shot before the court.  But this order is just another example of an alarming…and growing trend….I read in this order, and see in many policies currently being implemented in courts across the state, a real tilt in the balance of foreclosure, with courts deciding that they must


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  1. TheHutMaster says:

    The banks are corrupt corporate cabals who have been permitted to ravage this nation’s economy.

    They have stolen trillions from this generation, and worse, they have stolen trillions from our children and from our grandchildren. Not only have they been permitted to do so, they have been given help, encouragement and received direct assistance, they have received material aid and support from the state and federal governments that had a duty to protect and defend the citizens and communities who have been ravaged by the reckless and criminal conduct of these institutions.

    And while the state and federal governments may have settled with them. And while the state and federal governments may have accepted bribes, payoffs, settlements. And while the state and federal governments may have signed treaties, waived white flags of surrender, abdicated their offices and surrendered, I have not, and will NVER SURRENDER until these criminal F/C Mills see jail.

    For an example, Dirtbag David Stern is STILL a member in good standing with the Florida Bar. How can a criminal be in such a place? Well that scumbag knows where the bodies are burried, that is why. Jail these criminals for fraud upon our courts.

    • lies is all they tell says:

      i do not understand how judge who orders discovery last summer goes ahead and and agrre’s to an enlargment of time by the bank? who we all know does not own my mortgage and there are no assignments recorded. where are the sactions where is my dismissal. i am overwhelmed and so upset. seems we are bein taken advantage of and i am so upset. these mortgages are void we know that. 1. the investor is not on note or mortgage 2. giving wring information when trying to apply for a hamp loan breaches contract 3. predatory loan (no doc loan/stated income loan) unkowingly 4. note submitted with foreclosure with stamp is undated, and that note and the one i have from closing do not match at all. the fill in the blank type writer they used is like someones old electric type eriter from the basement (haha). all jokes aside. I do not understand the judge. I thought for a minute he was on my side. so he lets 5 months slide and decides they can have more time. because what they need more time to falsify documents like the wire transfer and insurance/tarp payout. please help i am so devistated.

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