Jack Lew Confirmed As Treasury Secretary

Jack Lew Confirmed As Treasury Secretary

Despite a slew of damaging revelations Jack Lew has been confirmed by the Senate. With a 71-26 vote Lew received more Republican support than Chuck Hagel. On some level Lew’s easy confirmation is a testament to how much influence Wall Street has in Washington but it still is interesting to compare the two nominations and their confirmation fights when you look at the actual evidence.

Hagel was briefly under suspicion of taking money from compromising groups – Lew has taken money directly from people he will regulate as Treasury Secretary. As Treasury Secretary Lew will be in charge of the IRS – Lew avoided paying his taxes by using offshore tax havens. In the event of another financial crisis Lew, as Treasury Secretary, will have to consider bailouts and under what conditions they will be allowed to occur under – Lew took a $940,000 bonus a day before Citigroup received a $301 billion federal bailout. The conflicts are endless.

Yet 20 Republicans crossed the aisle to vote for Lew and every Democrat voted yes. The only dissenting voice from the left was independent Senator Bernie Sanders who voted against Lew and issued a statement condemning President Obama’s continued policy of placing Wall Street apparatchiks all throughout his government.

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  1. Glenn F. Russell, Jr. says:

    A sad and dark day for America, as Citigroup gets its puppet in place.

    Where is our Ferdinand Pecora?

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