After Robo-Signing Settlement, LPS Cutting Jobs from its Default Solutions Group in Jacksonville


LPS cutting jobs in Jacksonville

Lender Processing Services Inc is laying off 37 people in Jacksonville, a spokeswoman confirmed late Monday.

The Jacksonville-based provider of technology and services to the mortgage and real estate industries (NYSE: LPS) will cut those full- and part-time positions from its default solutions group, “which at times needs to adjust its operations to respond to fluctuating volumes in the mortgage industry,” Michelle Kersch wrote in an email.

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6 Responses to “After Robo-Signing Settlement, LPS Cutting Jobs from its Default Solutions Group in Jacksonville”
  1. Yup What goes around comes around, and since the fraud business is halted in just two companies, LPS and DocX you may have a great opportunity for a job in anyone of the thousands of foreclosure mills not prosecuted or even taken to court yet, due to the foreclosures are not coming to an end yet until all these companies are put out of business. . As a matter of fact millions more mortgages need fraud docs in order to be foreclosed on. Fraud is the only way these crooks can foreclose. So push to take each and every one of the foreclosure mills and lawyers signing fraud docs to be prosecuted and no settlements. They just open under a new name or move to a new room, like an infestation of pest and parasites do. Evil parasites are in demand by the banksters. NW Trustees has employees signing false statements to foreclose Look up the Evonne McElligott depositions and Jeff Stenman depositions. NW Trustee employees admitting they made false perjured statements on an assignment to foreclose. Rats are in every foreclosure mill, seek them out and depose them.

  2. Bill says:

    They certainly don’t leave much for the imagination. Had to keep them employed while the settlement was being negotiated. Didn’t wan’t any incriminating evidence produced by potential whistleblowers. But, once the settlement was inked, BOOM – all the pawns were cut loose.

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    It should be more like 537 people gone! It’s probably the little PEONS that are getting laid off instead of the high faluting executives!

  4. Boo hoo cause Kharma truly does work cause what goes around comes around.Wish I could say I was sorry but as far as I’m concerned couldn’t have happened to a nicer or more well derserved group of people.”Chickens have a funny way of coming home to roost”

  5. no names, please says:

    You know, it has been proven again and again in deposition testimony that these people were blithely signing and attesting and swearing to certain knowledge of consumer debt and assignments of mortgage when they didn’t have the first frigging clue about the truth or falsity of what they were doing. Screw ’em!
    I believe these LPS people are like the lower rungs of the Nazi regime–the mindless automatons who made the system go, the people who followed orders and swept out the furnaces. Let’s face it, without them, the whole foreclosure crisis would never have gotten off the ground. I think they are pigs and I wish them every difficulty, every embarrassment, every ill, every stress, every divorce, every sickness that they have visited on millions of people all over the country by their conscious actions. They are unworthy of the name “American,” and I believe they will occupy a special place in hell.

  6. See says:

    To the 37 people being laid off all I have to say is what goes around comes around. It would be rude of me to wish you happy foreclosure, but who cares. You certainly didn’t care about the people you helped get thrown into the streets.

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