Why Do You Obey The Law When They Don’t Have To? (Elizabeth Warren Senate Banking Committee Hearing – Bank Money Laundering)

The Market Ticker – Why Do You Obey The Law When They Don’t Have To?

Yes, that’s the question to consider.

Why do you obey the law, when the largest financial institutions in the United States break the law at will?

Serious laws.  Laws against, for example, money laundering for drug gangs — the same gangs that buy guns with that money and shoot innocent people.

These are the same supervisors and department (Treasury), I remind you, that run the BATFE.

These are laws that would land you or I in prison for decades were we to similarly violate them.

These institutions simply get a fine that they can (and do) lay off on their customers.

This is how civil wars occur — when injustice reaches the point that certain “big people” get to break the law with wild abandon while ordinary people violating the same or similar laws are arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

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6 Responses to “Why Do You Obey The Law When They Don’t Have To? (Elizabeth Warren Senate Banking Committee Hearing – Bank Money Laundering)”
  1. Alabama John says:

    Go to your county records and for $3.00 get a copy of what is recorded against your house.
    it will tell you what mortgage company or bank says they have your mortgage and write them and ask for a notarized statement they have the original note and a copy of it.
    Most houses during this mess do not even have a mortgage recorded against it so you owe no one until someone can PROVE they have standing. How horrible it would be to be paying the wrong company and then the right company come along wanting its payments missed. Think you can get your money back from the wrong company?

    I or no one else can foreclose on your car, boat, RV, dog, anything, if I can’t PROVE you owe me a payment you are late on.

    I’m surprised more crooked folks are not sending notices to all of us that you are to pay them instead of who you are paying since without proof you can be foreclosed on without proof.

  2. Alabama John says:

    If we did the same things, we would go to prison that is why many don’t do it. Also many of us normal average folks have more integrity and morals to do what they are doing.

  3. kate says:

    One can of BS spray won’t cut it….a case of BS spray won’t work here! Why would the govn’t shut down any money laudering operations or illegal banking operations when they just take huge cuts of the profits and call them monetary punishments.

  4. marilyn lane says:

    Since most Banks don’t pay attention to Nemo Dat(YOU hAVE TO OWN IT TO SELL IT) when they auction off someones home why don”t the thousands of us on these fraud websites do the same. lets make cardboard auction signs for the bank officiers homes in your town and place them on trees and lawns.

  5. HSBC vs Duke says:

    Sharon I too feel your pain HSBC needs to have its banking charter revoked in the USA and executives placed on criminal trial instead of settlements that are treated as business expenses. These bastards will stop at nothing and our government is absolutely a joke. Where is the leadership?… Didn’t anyone go to Sunday school? Was anyone taught the difference between right and wrong… that we are accountable for our actions and banks should be too. We have been fighting HSBC since 09 and recently won an appeal. I hope to get the case finally thrown out of court so I can file a wrongful foreclosure complaint and take it all the way to trial……Seems to me that is the only way to make a point these days..

  6. Sharon K. says:

    I am one of the victim’s of HSBC and am going to lose my home!!! These bastards need to be punished and/or give people like me, who built this home and have had real hardships which I tried to work out with them!!!! BUT they refused to listen & blamed it all on me. Meanwhile, they are laundering money through drug cartels – over one billion dollars, and yet they still have the say as to whether I keep my home of 35 years or not!! This is *BS* at it’s best. I would give anything to save my home and they just get a slap on the wrist and continue down the road. NOT ONE BIT FAIR!!!!!!! Whose side is the law really on!!! These people are evil, deceitful, they lie and they need to be put out of business!!!!

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