Trashed Out: Safeguard Properties Foreclosure Crew Clears Wrong Texas Building

Breaking and Entering

“The Williamson County Sheriff’s office, where the couple filed a report, agreed that while the situation wasn’t right, it wasn’t a crime. A detective told them it happens all the time.”


Foreclosure crew clears wrong Texas building

COUPLAND – Workers tasked with emptying a Central Texas home set for foreclosure instead dragged away a 16-foot boat, a backhoe, wedding dress and love letters from a neighbor’s barn.

The company, Ohio-based Safeguard Properties, acknowledged the mistake that occurred in broad daylight in December, but has yet to tell Mike and Janine Moors what happened to about $150,000 in possessions including family heirlooms and keepsakes.

“Are my things in storage somewhere?” Mike Moors, 53, an unemployed construction worker, said to the Austin American-Statesman ( ). “Have they sold it at auction? How do I explain to my wife that she may never get her wedding dress back? There were many other heirlooms taken that are priceless.”

Diane Roman Fusco, a company spokeswoman, said information about the case is confidential. Meanwhile, Mike and Janine Moors said they haven’t been told anything either.

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  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    When, just WHEN is all of this going to stop? And why is theft not a crime? Beaking and entering? My neighbors would question any such goings-on so why did this neighbor not do the same? My heart goes out to this couple to lose such memories. Sometimes memories are all we have left. Blasted evil doers!

    • This also happened to me a couple of years ago and I also lost everything with these thieves that I now have in court that I am on the verge of a six figure judgment against the trashout crew which one is normally a tatooo artist that lied to the police to get the police to assist them. It is so terrible to loose the irreplaceable family heirlooms and other priceless items that the six figures will never be enough to overcome this grief

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