HB 87: House Committee Approves Mortgage Foreclosure Bill


HB 87: House Committee Approves Mortgage Foreclosure Bill

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — A bill to speed up Florida’s residential mortgage foreclosure process is headed to the state House floor.

The measure (HB 87) won approval from the House Judiciary Committee on a 12-6 vote Thursday in its last committee stop before a looming vote in the full House.

Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, says her bill is aimed at unclogging the foreclosure process in a state that’s been swamped by foreclosures.

Passidomo says the bill offers guarantees to make sure that borrowers with a “meritorious defense” will be heard in court.



6 Responses to “HB 87: House Committee Approves Mortgage Foreclosure Bill”
  1. lies is all they tell says:

    to charley rice, the problem we have is not us its the other 96% OF THE AMERICANS WHO DO NOT KNOW THIS. most people beleive the bank who service the loan owns the mortgage. sad state our country is in. so many people homeless or soon to be homeless

  2. lies is all they tell says:

    everyone send a letter we must stop them

  3. Grace C Bonacorsi says:

    And so another dubious honor for this state. First in foreclosures, then rocket dockets to give the banksters back homes that they may or may NOT actually have standing on and now a law that will make this whole process so much easier for the banks!! What’s left to be said other than those who have the money, have the power and basically get what they want. Those who followed the rules and believed in the system get exactly what;s coming to them…NOTHING!!! Thank you Congress for TARP, thank you state republicans for this new law and last but not least, thank you Bank of America and all your cronies for going public with the secret most of us already knew. You own everything and everyone, may you live long and prosper.

  4. J. Alonzo says:

    This bill has passed the house committee every time its been presented. Will it go all the way through this time? Only if the banksters really want it to. Its been knocked out 3 times already and this number 4. It just may fizzle out again. Or maybe not. If it does not make this time then they will just come back again, again, again. Still every time it gets turned down we know their is some sort of goodness left in our system. Lord knows just how corrupt are state and federal
    system has become and sheeple just take it!

  5. charley rice says:

    The PEOPLE have the POWER to put those all the Committee on NOTICE and FIRE them all, and they should do it immediately!!!

    Take the power back because they are NOT protecting your interest.

    They have their property, but they think its okay for some bank to steal yours when they have NO STANDING.

    The people need to know that your 2008 Subprime bank are out of business or gone your CONTRACT is INVALID and CANCELLED and UNENFORCEABLE UCC law.

    NO third party bank like BANK OF AMERICA, BAC who come 3 years later cant foreclose when they’re NOT YOUR LENDER because JUNE 15, 2010 FTC v COUNTRYWIDE BANK/BAC/BANK OF AMERICA HOME loans on page 6 of Injunctive Relief states that those 3rd parties are barred for 8 YEARS to foreclose or service any loan, mortgage, etc. This is a violation of that court order! READ IT!

    All parties are still acting lawless with no respect for the laws of the JUNE 15, 2010 Case # CV-04193-JFW-SS Filed, FTC v COUNTRYWIDE BANK/ BAC/BOA/RECONTRUST Court Consent Order which states on page 6 INJUNCTIVE RELIEF, which states BOA/BAC/ RECONTRUST were given PROHIBITED BUSINESS PRACTICES; that no 3rd parties can claim properties after June 15, 2010 for 8 years are CLEARLY STILL BREAKING THE LAWS, AND DECEIVING CONSUMERS and the TRUST are clearly in violation of that court order, and the fraudulent conveyance after June 15, 2010 is VOID as well.

  6. no names, please says:

    Next up, a bill to “fix” the tens of thousands of broken chains of title in mortgages, created by foreclosure mills, banks, and Florida’s own Lender Processing Services. Can I get an Amen?!

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