Big Banks and D.C. Politicians Doing the EXACT SAME THINGS Which Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place


Instead of Changing their Behavior to Prevent Another Crisis, the Powers-That-Be Double Down On the Strategies that Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place

by WashingtonsBlog

Liberals blame deregulation and reckless Wall Street greed for the economic crisis.

Conservatives blame bad government policy.

Now, the D.C. politicians are doing the exact same things which got us into the crisis in the first place.  For example, they are:

And the big banks and financial institutions are engaging in the same risky behavior which got us into the crisis in the first place.  For example, they are:

What could possibly go wrong?


4 Responses to “Big Banks and D.C. Politicians Doing the EXACT SAME THINGS Which Caused the Financial Crisis In the First Place”
  1. MetalMama says:

    More Mortgage Backed Securities Fraud: The Feds will back the loan, borrower defaults, and the cycle begins. Wall Street Thugs, and the Trusts will be paid in full!

  2. Absolutely nothing is going wrong for the banks and their profits, they are just after the next waive of wealth to rush in and default them for profit and steal their investments and homes and all the to stupid to see investors that trust them. This is just their next crime waive coming. The banksters and politicians have learned they can steal it all and get away with it, and as long as their is a penny left in someone elsed pocket and they can continue this crime spree it will continue until all are broke and broken but the one percent. Then and only then will the enablers in the thousands lose their incomes and homes and wish they had been honest and did their duty. When they are the last to fall prey to the banks.

  3. Sarah says:

    Yes, one lie the Washington Post seems to be repeating is that the “Banks were forced” to lend to unworthy borrowers and that they are doing it again. The Post has ignored the foreclosure crisis all around the DC area, and has published articles that blame poor people. They know who they work for around the Beltway. Goldfarb is a schmuck and the Administration is owned by Banks.

    • kisnyuszi says:

      In response to the comment by Sarah above “The Washington Post Seems to be repeating that the Banksters were “forced” to lend to “unworthy” borrowers….
      I would lie to state fo rthe record thathe banks never actually lent a penny of their own money but lent money based on their credit limit which is #1 illegal and #2 they did not suffer any loss but infact gained hard eraned dollars by the “Unworthy” Borrowers who darred to buy a home. The subprime loan industry/ loan servicers created by the banks to do their dirty work got bailed out by the government to help struggling home owners through HAMP HOPE HAFA and “UP YOURS said the Banksters we will not only take your money, the government bail out but also your home you poor Bastard”.
      We are all numbers and numbers are not only people but US dollars. Every bit saved every bit earned and majority [not the rich criminal Banksters] but the American people as a whole can give them a pice of their own medicine. Take your money out of the bank, all of it. Do not get direct deposit but go cash your checks on Fridays- yes you will have to stand in line and yes if you have more than $5,000 in the bank it will tak ethe Banksters’ branch a couple of hours to count out your money and yes it will take 30-60 minutes in line on Fridays to cash your checks but guess what? Every little bit counts and when you ad up the little “Unworthy Poor No Good Borrowers” you create a Majority who as one might be poor but as a majority can put Banksters out of business. No more late fees, no more service charges, reducing the Banksters’ credit ceiling, lending power and they do not get to play God or the Mafia against the American people. If The People stopped using banks something could go really WRONG! for the Banksters that is – they would become part of the “Unworthy Poor No Good Banksters” begging the Unworthy No Good Poor” for their business. I personally voulanteer to make and put up signs “Another No Good Bankster out of Buisness – By The American People”.
      We aint gonna take it anymore! No WE are not!

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