NY Property Owner Gets Locked Up for Criminal Code Violations


“Holloway pleaded guilty Nov. 20 before Forrest to failing to maintain the exterior of 514 W. Water St. and failing to maintain windows at 262 Caldwell Ave.”


Elmira property owner, who lived in Endicott, goes to jail for code violations

The first Elmira property owner convicted of criminal code violations in 15 years was sentenced Friday to jail time by City Court Judge Steven Forrest and must continue to make repairs to one of the homes after she leaves jail.

Elizabeth Holloway, formerly of Endicott, was sentenced to 60 days in the Chemung County Jail for violations at her 514 W. Water St. property and 60 days in jail for property at 262 Caldwell Ave. that was included in Chemung County’s annual tax foreclosure real estate auction Wednesday.

Holloway was taken into custody immediately after sentencing. Defense attorney Kevin Kelly of Ithaca asked for a few days before she had to report to jail to observe the holiday. He did not indicate whether he was referring to Passover or Easter. Forrest said the application was denied.

The sentences are to be served concurrently. Holloway also was sentenced to a one-year conditional discharge. She has 30 days to appeal her sentences.

Forrest said he would levy no fines or surcharges. “The court feels that’s overkill,” he said.

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2 Responses to “NY Property Owner Gets Locked Up for Criminal Code Violations”
  1. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Oh, so what about all those lenders who are allowing all those foreclosed properties to sit and detoriorate? Why aren’t THEY being charged and jailed? Oh, I forgot, they are immune to prosecution!

    • kisnyuszi says:

      REALLY????? Is this a joke? I agree with Bobbi Swann! I agree keep your property clean neat and organized as per zoning laws/community/county/district/state laws. However the Banksters are immuned! I agree that is a huge and even greater problem accross the USA today and has been an ongoing problem for years. When a bank owned abandoned property is left to mold and fall apart the government pays $7,500 to the Banksters to demo the home.
      The banksters are not immune to liens- mechanic liens by the surrounding communities for not keeping up with the properties. I X have been moving the grass 3 times a week for X amount of years for X amount of dollars. I X have removed the snow X amount of times for X amount of dollars. I X have cut tree limbs, cleaned gutters, boraded up broken windows X amount of times, X amount of dollars for Labor X amount of dollars for X amount of dollars with a total of XXXXXX amount of dollars and file a line at your local court house. And keep in mind X- you have provided a valuable service to X amount of neighbors and kept up home values by X amount of dollars that contributed X amount of dollars to the properity of your community. I think Mr. X deserves interest and all court fees by the banksters for the mechanics’ lien placed on the property…

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