What You Can Buy For Having Your House Stolen

House Fraudclosure

Things you can buy with the $ you got for having your house stolen by the megabanks

The OCC announced on April 9th, 2013 the details of how much money the banks will pay homeowners who were found to be wrongfully foreclosed on—or who suffered financial harm at the hands of the banks.

This is compensation for losing your home due to ERRORS BY THE BANKS. This is not homeowners who were foreclosed on because they didn’t pay. This is $ given to those WRONGFULLY FORECLOSED ON because the banks messed up.

This settlement is a slap in the face for many homeowners. This tumblr is dedicated to the things YOU CAN NOW BUY with the compensation you received for having your home STOLEN BY THE BANK.

Check out the list here…



4 Responses to “What You Can Buy For Having Your House Stolen”
  1. katheryn says:

    I guess they are giving people enough to buy tents and camping equipment with a happy meal thrown in as a bonus. They had to eliminate the toy that came with the meal as that pushed the individual payout way over the top.

  2. Poof says:

    Well the answer to the question what can I buy with all that money,How about a “Get Happy Meal” w/out a beverage.That’s what I get for our home of 22 years before it was stolen by Bank Of America,our criminal servicer figure that one out.I’m friggen pissed !

  3. J. Alonzo says:

    We are sheep!

  4. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Godd for a laugh or two!

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