Are We Winning The War on Terror?

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Are We Winning The War on Terror?

By George Mantor

This week marks the ten year anniversary of the Fall of Bagdad, and I remember thinking at the time, “well now what? Now that we’ve captured Iraq, what the hell are we going to do with it?”

As long as we can keep hold of its tail we’re okay, but at some point we have to let go.

It isn’t like we could keep it forever, although ten years does seem like forever if you are an Iraqi. But, sooner or later, whether through some sort of ill-defined victory or another humiliating defeat at the hands of locals, we would have to give it back.

Now is apparently the time. Sometime in 2014, we are leaving. The effect will be the same as having your elbow in a bucket of water; when you remove your elbow, the water just fills in. In this case, the water will be in the form of 33 tribal warlords with ancient axes to grind and a lust for revenge.

So the answer to the question “what did we get for the enormous sacrifices?” is ten years of war followed by fifty years of austerity. Since there were no weapons of mass destruction to find and no terror being exported from Iraq, it now sounds like a bad idea.

Has it made any difference in terms of domestic terrorism?

I wondered. So, after getting the news and weather, I decided to check in on our old friend, the Terror Code Alert Chart to see to see how we were doing and if I should avoid nuclear power plants, bridges and tall buildings, or just slip into my urban camouflage.

Apparently, they stopped using that system in 2011, at which point it had been stuck on yellow (elevated) for years, which means that there is a significant risk of a terror attack. Now, despite all that has happened since the chart was conceived, we should at least be blue. They’ll never allow us to be green again and considering the list below, those days are over forever. So, for all of the money spent to fight the so-called war on terror, we don’t seem to be winning.

When the terrorists struck back on 9/11, one of their targets, the World Trade Center, was symbolic and was intended to demonstrate their plan to destroy our economy.

Spawned in Afghanistan, they intended to do to us what they had done to their Russian occupiers a decade before, draw them into an unwinable conflict and bleed them dry. Russia’s economy has yet to recover.

But never in a million years, could they have ever guessed that instead of going after them, we would spend hundreds of billions more to occupy some other country altogether. And in the end, they got exactly what they wanted; our prosperity is gone and our prospects are unsettling.

We have exported every job we could off-shore and imported poverty. The jobs that cannot be exported are being given to an overflow of immigrants willing to work for less, thereby robbing our young, our illiterate, and our handicapped workers of their foot in the door.

That makes Socialism necessary. The more jobs that disappear, the more people who are pushed into poverty and homelessness, the more expensive it is for everyone else. Job destruction is socialism by design.

When you consider all of the issues that are currently threatening our lives, it is hard to imagine a more terrifying time in American history.

So let’s see:

  • Our economy is in shambles and will get worse. Debt based fiat money.
  • Large numbers of Americans are unemployed and will never work again.
  • Record numbers are being forced from their homes. Fraudclosure.
  • Pension funds have been looted. Phony mortgaged backed bond slices.
  • Retirement nest eggs have plummeted in value. Zero return on savings.
  • The food is unsafe. GMOs, hormones, salmonella, listeria, fillers.
  • The food is being rationed. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance
  • The water is unsafe. Toxins and prescription medications.
  • The effects of radiation from Fukushima are now appearing in the US.
  • Pipelines are bursting.
  • Getting sick might as well be fatal. Most expensive-worst health care.
  • Untreated mental illness is putting all of us at greater risk.
  • Social Security and Medicare are in serious jeopardy.
  • Our infrastructure is collapsing.
  • The deficit is ballooning.
  • The FDIC is preparing to seize your bank account. Bank bail-in.
  • Congress pretends to be paralyzed by gun control. Distraction.
  • The highest level criminals are never prosecuted. Crony capitalism.
  • Judges have been bought and paid for. No justice except for the rich.
  • The Constitution has been eviscerated. No 1st, 4th or 5th Amendment.
  • Prison populations are exploding. Creeping fascism.
  • Hawks are hyping Korean and Iranian conflicts. Endless war.

But, nothing to worry about. On the plus side, our intelligence agencies are no longer ignoring information about radical Muslims stealing planes and crashing them into buildings, so we have that going for us.

Now, we are planning to bring our troops home. To what? 100 million Americans who don’t have jobs? What do they do now? They can’t starve. They have families. For most, all they know is tactical warfare and weapons. Now you know what local law enforcement has been gearing up for.

There has been substantial evidence that gang members enlisted specifically to learn these skills. Los Zetas style.

It’s ironic that we have gone around the world to find the terrorists and in the words of Pogo, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” –Cartoonist Walt Kelly

Did we win? That depends on whose side you’re on. Terror is way up, but most of it has been self-inflicted.

To me, it seems that the surest signs that you’ve lost the war are that you are bankrupt and you lose more troops to suicide than in combat.

It begs the questions, who are we fighting and why?


5 Responses to “Are We Winning The War on Terror?”
  1. Ali says:

    We all know there has NEVER been an econonic recovery without a housing recovery and that means STOP stealing peoples homes! Also the rule of law and the constitution should be protected with all our might. I would like to say that folks are waking up but……come on now it has been a whole generation wiped out. I will never give up and will help all that I can. Semper Fi. and may God help us. My prayers are with all in this fight and my thanks to all who have helped me even if it a reply. God Bless you all too who are fearless, you will never know how much your sharing has helped me.

  2. r stolle says:

    The answer to the question is readily apparent when you ask, “Are we winning the war on drugs, poverty, or Wall St crime?” The scheme to suck us dry has been in place for a long time, but we’ve been quite resilient and have refused to fall. Therefore, our “masters” have gone all out in recent years to bring us down. What will we do when we’re all hungry, broke and without the means to fight?

  3. The deregulation of the financial system and the banksters are economic terrorism and mortgage crime terrorism. Our properties, lives and livelihood is being stolen. I hope Elzebeth Warren and Elijah Cummings do some good in time to stop all of this. America will heal if the banks are brought to justice and not bailed out. Obama needs to tell the banks they are finished and not bail them out. He would be a gand president if he did that.

  4. Sarah says:

    The intelligence apparatus is especially interested in dissent directed against finance. The web has been an excellent tool for uninhibited survelliance. Some of our favorite sites are contractor efforts on behalf of the Fed. National security to most people means commmunity, peace, housing, Democracy and human rights. The war of terror is entirely something else. 5+ million people didn’t lose their homes because of some radical foreign element, some of our local neighbors saw to it, and they were permitted to make money hand over fist in what should be considered an epic wave of domestic terror. Hustling loans is ancient form of theft, it’s as if people’s brains were shut down, and the mafia took over. Our Government largely approved of what happened and has done nothing to hold anyone accountable. That’s yet another inside job we know about for sure.

  5. Jstick says:

    The answer is easy — Declare the War on Terrorism over, like we did in Vietnam, bring the troops back and send the detainees at Guantanamo all home. As there are no more “enemy,” then Bradley Manning didn’t “assist” anyone and would be released immediately. Other benefits will accrue.

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