Woman Faces Felony Trial for Forgery of Ex-Husband’s Signature on Loan Mod Docs


Westland woman faces trial for forgery

A Westland woman has been ordered bound over for trial on felony charges that she forged her former husband’s name on mortgage modification paperwork.

Tonya Cramier-Oncza, 45, waived her preliminary examination in Westland 18th District Court Thursday. She is charged with forgery, uttering and publishing and being a fourth-degree habitual offender. A not guilty plea had been entered and she is free on a $200,000 cash/surety bond.

Divorced six years, Cramier-Oncza is charged with signing her ex-husband’s name on documents to modify a home loan.

Cramier-Oncza’s former husband doesn’t live at the former marital home on Merritt and currently resides in Garden City.

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7 Responses to “Woman Faces Felony Trial for Forgery of Ex-Husband’s Signature on Loan Mod Docs”
  1. needy says:

    OMG………….This is merely a jealous ex-husband who wants his house and ex-wife back that is mad and filed false charges cause he wants his house back…….WHAT THIS BULL SHIT STORY DON’T TELL YOU IS HE SIGNED A QUICK CLAIM DEED IN 2010 GIVING HER THE HO– USE………..STUPID ASS!!!!

  2. It’s crazy Linda Green, all 100 of them, nothing. This government does nothing for an individual and everything for a company.

  3. It appears thousands of LPS DocX and NW Trustees employees and many more should be in her shoes. What a lop sided judicial system we have. Called the MERS system. not rule of law.

  4. wheresmyson says:

    wow if thie is my wrongfully foreclosure im greatful thankful that they did not get away with all the different kinds of crimes lies falsafy wrongs that put me out to pasture march 29 2011 i really would like to speak with someone on this because as i said thruth that day feb 2013 in motel when i opened my divorce folder and saw remembered about my court order 1998 granting me excusive grant deed that clerk of court to sign ex off loan and id be sole owner.
    i know that with my divorce i filed this washington mutual letter paid in full along with the two pages thick paper stamped with seal numbers all over some line drawn through but it went with loan docs when moved into home feb 1989 paid in full 2006 i have to pull out to excat date april?my signature is on this it is mine how dare this these people do this to people what a mess and all our loss homeless 2 years plus living in out of my car dam will someone please let me know where how what is all needed so i can make plans to rent a room in motel to concentrate and have space to put all out then together i have the original note grant deed im the owner i lived there 22 years why i am confused where who do i trust with this im not sure and im tired of lies people scams i am real straight up old school does or is there any people as i out there?

  5. no names, please says:

    Oh, gee. If this gal can be prosecuted, then a whole bunch of people at places like LPS should be prosecuted as well. Why the hell hasn’t a single solitary person who robosigned and forged a foreclosure document on the BANKS’ behalf been prosecuted?

  6. Rebecca Lara says:

    The tax collector had my original deed info and then it showed I became sole owner After this singing I looked and copied out a complete pile of copies from their site prior loss I better get these too
    What if any thing do I need to have to prove I had my home stolen out from under and I don’t want to hear they will not hear this case of fraud.. Sealed or not who do I write to high up in Washington, D.C. On this any ideas. Dam why can’t anything just move smooth in my life ?

  7. Rebecca Lara says:

    Well well well. I been on public records. As I see the county must be the wrong doer. Because
    The original trust trustee with my ex and my name is no where to be found !!! The only things I see is different dates for order by divorce judge and it had a total different grant deed number not even would be 1989. If went back
    I’m upset now who fix this k I had to get papers forms completed this was on e street Judy’s notary or Judy’s tax service? Then either she did what ever or hall of records I never met Judy she was married to ill have to ask around today I believe he owns a medical despensery pot I’m on a mission now for there’s more wrong then plus their date for court order granting exclusive grant deed is not even march 2006 when completed at court house with clerk of court and another women who also were to put my youngest son as trustee. Then this is saying there is much more criminal behavior to my case possible city also I’d sue then right? Good thing I have original title Chicago title from Walter with women’s name then my Chicago title that was used to fill out these forms for signing off ex making me sole owner. Then this is where the crime would of taken place hall of records berdo ca !!
    Why else wouldn’t it show it showed both names with Washington mutual only last / last name had T after with dates 2/4/2011 3 pg ack of sRcctn of judgment first grantor/ granted. (R=grantor E=unclarified ccr partners (R)
    N/a. Under 3/5/2010 3pg abstract judgement last name last name T (R) unclarified ccr partners (E) n/a. First initials are correct for ex and my name
    THIS IS NOT CORRECT! What where do I do go for this to be shown as evidence Would I fax the complete original loan docs ? Yuck many
    I no I must get original title co with first one the man and women who we bought house from and then the one we received after signing moving into house feb 1989. See if what’s in hall of records is wrong because then why did Washington mutual send letter paid in full along with the original deed note signed by ex and me ??? With many numbers on it the stickers that were put on could be ? I know many numbers are written on these two pages of thick paper front back stamped with seal ? Don’t tell me this could of happened prior judge ordered this 1998 in court I have these copies also
    Dam is there any way I can go where ever to have then faxed even copied due to it will be a lot to pay because there are many docs. ? Recorder/ clerk screwed up due to I have the receipt of day signed off by clerk of court took right into hall of records even stapled receipt onto. Plus I was to send fax to a man to take my name off that lean my both ex and me were on but we were In divorce court and judge gave this total complete lean payment to him his name I sent faxed into. Then also took copies to child support for records showing them! Had to be that day or no more then week after
    I need help where who do I trust and will be willing to help me out with this criminal act they do need to pay see I was right there was something very wrong and check it out bastards they used this to try and take took my home away when it seems to me since this change of doc numbers dates in hall of records this house I owned free and clear so what about the money I paid for pretender lender subsatution of trustee s were fraud all the way and they can’t help me after this much fraud ! Dam what’s Really up with this county state city courts ?? More then meets the eye or does this possibly have something to do with that tax service ? What is that nitrous husband name it’s on tip of dam it fraud and that’s justice dept United States of America California San Bernardino you have not been truthful and better record your employees or do inside investigation to see who’s bad bad cop. (
    I need to get help where ?

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