No Mortgage? No Forelcosure? No Problem! Are Independent Foreclosure Review Checks Going Out on Homes That Were Never in Foreclosure?


Once again, let us know if you received a check on a property that was never in foreclosure.

It reminds me of all those people that NEVER had a mortgage and were foreclosed on anyway.

Maybe they are using the same database.

Email sent in to the site:


I received a $300.00 dollar check on Monday on a property that never had a mortgage.

I wonder how many others are out there?

Let us know if this has happened to you.

We won’t tell…


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  1. John says:

    I was one of the fortunate one that not only received a check that didn’t bounce but also got a large sum. My question is that my ex wife now thinks she gets half even tho the loan and check were only in my name. We did buy the house in Florida while we were married however. She seems to think she could have the divorce reopened and be awarded half. Could she be right?

  2. Mr Leach says:

    There are petitions at and, to reinstate the (IFR) order, please sign.

  3. Kenneth Gastineau says:

    When I spoke to the O.C.C. in Feb. 2013, they informed me that two settlements had been reached, one for 55 billion dollars and another for 45 billion dollars. What the hell happened, did some one just write off 90 billion dollars, thats a crime.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I never received a dime!
    After putting me out to pasture 3/29/2011 and then this year jan &feb 2013 finding so much wrongs fraud I own the home I have the note my case was sealed they said no fraud bull I wasn’t taking that so now what am I to do I can put my son on or sign over to Babur how?
    Where do I go how do I find my case name number? Can’t I kick them out of my home? I really need help no one will talk to me I tried lawyers nope This I am ignorant on knowledge but then again could my life be in danger? This county city 92407 zip screwed me and many banks to Is there anyone that can help me I don’t have computer my sons they took everything’ all their family’s pics and its my granddaughter she’s not 2 years yet Dam I’m over whelmed confused as what where how to go forward saw I won a judgement riverside court only never got case number
    Help me please who ever has been once they do give me my compensation that today I deserve ! I will pay who and everyone that cared enough to help inform only I need a list boy this is so screwed up

  5. CarlajHabeas says:

    I stand corrected! The FBI is now on my case!
    People should definitely call!

    • Shelly T. says:

      To CarlajHabeas: I have contacted the FBI a few years ago, and they did contact me and requested futher documentation to be sent to them, which I had fowarded to them, They even gave me an agent contact name to correspond with. The only information that I recieved was that they were looking for specific trends regarding illegal bank activities in NJ. I advise ALL TO CONTACT YOUR STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL, STATE SENATOR, and COUNTY REGISTRARS OFFICE AND VOICE YOUR CONCERNS THAT A FRAUD HAS BEEN COMMITED AGAINST YOU! and any other state agencies or officials who are in office or position to serve the constituients of their state. The FBI is a federal agency and quite frankly, I do not have much faith in the Federal Government. But, I do agree, Voice Your Concerns Loudly and OFTEN.

  6. Lance Dalton says:

    i received at 500 buck check with a slap in the face as i opened it. I was supposed to receive $6000 as my loan mod was continually getting denied only after they approve it first then two days later change their mind then up the next payment. Bottom line my load mod was denied and I got a $500 buck check. Bwha ha ha ha, the current system is only going to make people more angry. How stupid can banks and the OCC be? Hmm, let’s see? Let’s send these people $500 bucks and maybe they will go away. Well little did they know, they just opened a new can of worms. Get ready for more lawsuits. We are gathering a list of all Aurora victims.

  7. Bobbi says:

    I received my lousy check today 600.00! My house was foreclosed on during BK. What happen to the 60,000 I was suppose to receive? This is Bull ….!! Citi made a profit on my home over 139K..

    • Bob says:

      No, they made the $139k PLUS booked the loss (total amount of the loan) PLUS got bailed out for 100% of the value of the loan PLUS got the house. In general, the banks got 300% of the value of the loan for every foreclosure. THAT’s why they foreclosed so fast on so many – even those that weren’t in default.

  8. CarlajHabeas says:

    Where is the money for foreclosure And the decision for who gets what come from? Ask Elizabeth Warren! Why? Because those paid to know do not know, the OCC says they did not have enough people to know or look. 3,949,896 families affected but the ones that did the dirty deeds (banks) decided to make up who got paid and how even though hundreds of millions were paid out to those who were supposed to do it? Something seems odd here….’s-foreclosure-settlement-bombshell-banks-determined-the-number-of-victims-of-their-own-foreclosure-frauds/

  9. CarlajHabeas says:

    Correct! Lawsuits do take time. What can get the ball rolling? Call the FBI and or research cases similar to yours that have been prosecuted. See which FBI office investigated and send them your information!
    That will get an investigation going. Also, a faster lawsuit from the government where you can recoup faster if the issue had to do with a govt backed Loan like VA, Fannie, Freddie, HUD and MERS

  10. MacNic says:

    you do all realize that class action lawsuits take years to complete, the lawyers take 20-30% and once the money is spread around amongst all the potential harmed, it usually amounts to a pittance.

    • Ican't believe IFR & Wells... says:

      @ Mac Nic..the person that starts the Class Action will be paid a certain amount according their claim. But the people who join in afterwards..the proceeds will be shared. The lawyer fees are discussed and expressed before the settlement. At least a Lawsuit makes a statement & a stand !!!!

  11. Jill says:

    Im in on any class action law suit. We had Wells Fargo and i agree checks should go towards a fighting fund. Some lawyer out there has to see that this is a case of a lifetime and worthy of being fought. Where have you ever had so many statements at the tip of your fingers. You can bet there is plenty of paper work to back up everyones claims. We have kept it all. Who or what media outlet is willing to tell the whole story, the real story? Here are thousands of people letting you know what we claim is 100% accurate. This is not our first rodeo, many of us have been dealing with this for 3 or more years. Where are the attorney generals fighting for us, oh wait they all ready made there deal with a national settelment which did not pertain to half of us. They sold us out to. As long as there is a benefit in it for the big dogs us little ones get thrown a bone and a tiny one at that. Im not giving up have not for 3 years and do not plan to now. There is no oops or sorry or get over it. Only acceptable solution is justice, something we base this great country on and what everyone brags about but is far from being true. You tell me where is the justice in any of this. We have yet to get our check but not looking forward to it. Reguardless the amount it will never make up for the emotional and mental stress of it all as well as the physical outcome of losing our home. As my kids put it this is an “epic failure” sad a 13 year old and 11 year old know that, but the President and every other govt offical do not. SAD SAD SAD

  12. CarlaJHabeas says:

    To Shelley T in NJ.
    I have the same issue in NJ on property my family owned with clear title and will since the 90s. The past 2 years I found the same fraudulent foreclosure on a property never mortgaged. Now there’s 15 MERS mortgages, VA loans and other gov backed mortgages
    since 2005. The IRS even got involved and tried to send an agent to “claim property” due to unpaid fees.
    What I did.
    1) contacted the justice department and they agreed a Bankruotcy and foreclosure was placed on property but stated they could find NO LEGIT filling or documents. So got that in writing
    2) looked at the Township tax map online and found the lot numbers were changed around or removed. This meant taxes I was paying was not being recorded and others that had mortgages and gained properties illegally were not paying taxes and getting mortgages lots do not appear on tax map
    3) searched County records and found all of the phony MERS documents and the names of the people. Great thing is in NJ most public records
    are online. I printed them out with the DOJ response and sent it to all the names on the MERS and told them cease and desist their trespassing and they are being watched
    4) two of the “straw” buyers turned themselves in on a huge ongoing investigation in NJ that’s being downplayed but on DOJ site,%20John%20et%20al%20Sup%20Indictment%20News%20Release.html
    5) I notified the clerk in county and township administrator and let them know and filed a police report against those that had mortgages on my property
    6) got my property resurveyed and started getting phone calls about trying to “resolve” tge issues, pay offs and even offers of other property!
    I do not think that NJ is doing enough but the FBI is on to them
    I contacted them and sent all the MERS and phony titles online that I printed
    I have had over 50 calls from officials, clerks and politicos asking what they can do
    I have not answered, let the investigation begin!!!

  13. Leo says:


  14. Bob says:

    Hi. This from the OCC “Also eligible for $125,000 are homeowners who lost their homes even though they weren’t in default on their loans.” As an attorney fighting this crap from the beginning, I had been trying to educate people that NON-DEFAULTED loans were among those being foreclosed, and that state foreclosure laws allowed it. This appears to be the first admission of this practice. Anyone else see some other admission on the practice of foreclosure with no default?

    • Ben says:

      We were foreclosure on and was not in default we made our payments on time every month. We took them to court and the federal judge didn’t even follow federal laws and granted a summary judgment in favor of the bank. Now we are being evicted! And we made our payments. We have lived here for 20 years had 50,000.00 on equity we are losing everything it is being stolen from us don’t know what to do anymore. We are in Texas.

  15. gerry says:

    why are the checks going out in “waves”? is rusk collecting interest on 3.5 billion? just put the doggone checks in the mail!

  16. SandyMTZ says:

    There is a FACEBOOK forum you can join at class action group for IFR victims.i

  17. I Can't Believe Wells Fargo & IFR says:

    Hi –
    I received a $300.00 Check from Wells Fargo on a property that has never had a mortgage or a foreclosure !!!!!!!! My foreclosed property that I lost…as of yesterday- Wells Fargo COULD NOT find my loan or foreclosure files !!!!!!! The Independent Foreclosure Review sent me a form to fill out on that same foreclosed property…as of yesterday THEY COULD NOT find my form Review that I mailed in Sept. 2, 2012 !!!!!!! Can someone please tell what the… going on???? I thought the Independent Foreclosure Review was suppose to find errors like this !!!! How can they be helpful when the can’t find a FORM that they sent to me???????? I am going to call & demand until I get my justified settlement of $50,000.00 according to the harm Tier. I have to wait for Wells Fargo to find my paperwork !!! Wells accused IFR of putting the wrong address to my name !!! A blame game is going on and my settlement payment is dangling in the air!!!! The OCC said the next waves of checks are going out & I could be in that wave !!! I ask how could that be if IFR cannot find my property address????? Lord help me….I mean LORD help me!!!! I will keep you posted on this saga !!!! I checked on the status of the $300 check yesterday & it could be cashed.

  18. project_wolverine says:

    Poetic justice! I like it.

  19. I Can't Believe Wells Fargo & IFR says:

    I received a $300.00 check on a property that has never had a loan with Wells Fargo or a foreclosure at all !!!!!!!! Wells Fargo has NO RECORD of my FORECLOSURE, the Independent Foreclosure Review cannot find my loan, foreclosure files or my Independent Foreclosure Review Form that I mailed on Sept. 2, 2012!!!!! And what makes it so so good…I spoke to Congressman Maxine Waters Office, the New York Times, the 4closure Fraud, A letter to Mr. James Park , VP of Rust Consulting, Inc, & the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…about the errors, mistakes, lost paperwork, a bouncing check and neglience of the bank!!! and to add salt to the injury..the paying agent -Rust Consulting gave us bad checks for 3 days !!! My harm was $50,000.00 and I’m not going to stop until I get my due monies or more!!!!!! If any of us had given the government a bad check…the FEDs would be picking us up!!

  20. Rebecca Lara says:

    They better not screw me longer this would really hate them And I don’t hate
    If I don’t receive a check even that 250,000 or 125,000 they can stick it
    Who had my information that signed off their ex husband. ? When there was a judgement years earlier divorce court judge ordered clerk of court to sign off his name granting exclusive grand deed to home being sole owner. 1998
    Only this was not able to get done until march 2006 Then two subsatution of trustees that had many errors typos no signature dated older then the date typed signed mailed.
    I figured this out this jan 2013. I didn’t miss a Payment from jan 2007 to march 17 2010. Auction jan 2011 lockout march 29 2011 after owning 22 years.
    Along with lender saying I didn’t when I have proof who has the note ? How many banks tried to say they owned note ? Then hearing that my foreclosure was started way before I missed my first payment. Falsify docs truth in lending breach of. I can go on and who had their case sealed federal court. Who was handling. Mers was not holder of not feb 20 2013
    Quite title predatory lending discrimination physical injures sickness home less put out to pasture at 53 today 55. No help no qualify for a program income too low renewers income does not even count as income when one is SSI disability a bank knows this anyone who or have worked in they know this right off. So why even tell me get renters when they didn’t pay put me behind stole. Causing more loss heart break frustration why didn’t HUD approved program see this if they were doing their jobs jun to oct 4 months. Doing every thing but what was needed
    It was planed they wanted my home and they stole it out under scamming lies wrongs unfair greed con criminal acts crimes and they get a free card more with more money to cover it up how they did so much fraud to American taxpayers older adults who lived years in their homes
    Took took and the truth came out so what will the American people do ? Open their mouths or do as they did turned away

    • Shelly T. says:

      I too, have a deed with an egregious cloud on title. There was a clear case of fraud on the part of the bank changing my application form and information (and my actual deed) without my knowledge to fit Freddie Mac’s guidelines. The deed and the mortgage is illegal and null and void. It’s against the law in the state of N.J. to tamper with and register a deed under false pretenses and where there are prior court orders in place concerning the disposition of a property in a joint ownership of a divorced couple.
      This is not about robo-signing, this is about a blatant fraud on the part of the bank and their closing company making a mortgage application to look like an equity loan when it was actualy a purchase of the joint property.
      The bank was notified immediatey a few months after closing, when I recieved a copy of the deed in the mail, stating that my ex-spouse’s share of the joint property was given to me as a “gift”, when in fact it was a purchase and it was the bank’s closing company that did the closing and paid him. I told them to correct the deed, they refused, ( to do so would have caused a problem with Freddie Mac’s guidelines).
      They did not only commit a fraud against Freddie Mac (invester), they commiteded a fraud against me and also the state of NJ. and I wil not be a part of it!
      I notified everyone, including the state board of banking and insurance and the state attorney general, only to be told to file my complaint with the OCC, and there it sits for 3 years!
      This was a scam on the part of the bank for me to gain a full interest of the property so that they could sell it to Freddie Mac and forecose on me 2 years later and uptain the property!

      I requested an IFR because they said all state and federal laws were to be reviewed. Well,
      instead they changed the rules and decided to bypass the audit of federal and state law to cover up the barrage of criminal activities committed not only to me, but to thousands of homeowners throughout the country.

      No, I do not want your $2000.00 check. No, I do not want your Modification! I want Justice! Why woud I even want you as a servicer when you commited a fraud against me!

      They are not going to sweep this under the rug with a modiication because I won’t sign it. They have caused me to much grief and I wil stand by the truth!

      P.S. Freddie Mac has since made my bank repurchase this frauduent mortgage back from them!

  21. Gwen Caranchini says:

    Well I thought that I was the only one that this happened to. I had a loan thru Aegis Lending. Servicer wilshire who put me in loan mod in 09. in 10, I got a letter from BOA/BAC saying the loan was owned by Citi as Trustee for MLMI 2006 he-5 and BAC was going to service and send checks to BAC—. Sent first check 3/10 and then they called and asked for 3 post dated checks. When they were not cashed, I called they said they were sending back. Don’t make any more payments. As a former trial lawyer I got suspicious, I knew Dave Krieger/Clouded titles and dave and I noodled and I filed a quiet title/declaratory judgment. They sent a letter of “intent” to foreclose so I moved for a tro in state court. They showed up at the PJ’s chambers and said that was a “mistake” there was no foreclosure! Three years later i am still pursuing my qt/dc but they removed to fed ct before shall we say a biased judge that refuses to recuse. Offered to escrow, they refused, and they have repeatedly told the court I am not in foreclosure! Now out of the blue I get an email–no several emails, from BOA counsel Bryan Cave saying a DOJ settlement mod is being sent to me! They sent it by PDF, by first class mail, by overnite mail and FEx in 24 hours! I said well that’s “nice” but the paperwork says I am in foreclosure and I am not! She told me to fill it out anyway and send back to her! I said I won’t lie by signing under oath! Then I said who am I loan moding with? BOA–they have no standing, how about MLMI 2006 He-5? No answer. How about quiet title as Chicago Title says MERS broke the chain of title? How about saying how much the mod is for as the remic is defunct making the note worthless? NO ANSWER YET! So, guys and gals, I am clueless. If I don’t send something back they will tell the court I am not “cooperating” to setle, So I will attach a lot of disclaimers and fill out some forms and make sure it is clear that I do not believe I have the right to fill out the forms and see what happens. BUT THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NUTS. My thought is they want me to fill it out and claim its an admission that I think I can loan mod with BOA! Or get ahold of my financials which they are not entitlled to under the law of qt or dc in Missouri or somehow use it against me. I don’t know why they think I am that stupid. I have managed to file over 500 filings in this case in three years and they have nothing to show for it! Pretty sad commentary. Meanwhile on another LL post I note they are trying to borrow money to booster the trusts. Given that I have several Ibanez attempted transfers and even the original transfer from Aegis lending is questionable as they did not have a missouri trustee involved as required and Aegis at the time of the transfer was in bankrtuptcy and the trustee did not approve– Shall I go on? Let me know where I can sign up for that BOA CA. Im gwen caranchini and you can reach me at in K.C.MO. Unbelieveable!

  22. Sheila says:

    can we organize at less half of us who recive checks to put it in law suits against the 13 banks that screwed us over and stole our homes………it would be there money used against them ! That would certainly make a statement !

    • Jillian M. says:

      Hi Sheila,

      Great idea, I am sick to my stomach that the banks were allowed, to get away with this. First, we will need an attorney, that is willing to represent us, and not scam us out of our money. Or, take the case Pro Bono. Maybe out of the goodness of their hearts, to once help the poor working class.

      Jillian M.

  23. josue says:

    a little twist to the above. why dont i get a check? i was served with foreclosure documents as the husband of homeowner. I was not on the loan but i supposedly “might have an interest” in the property. So my credit report was negatively affected by Wells Fargo’s actions for a year and a half. any advice?

  24. Now that I got my lousy check, what about clearing up my credit report .Also I heard that there is a class action suit being put together against Bank of America. I want to join.

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