80 Year Old Oregon Woman Wins 3-Year Fight Against Wells Fargo Foreclosure

Wells Fargo

Oregon Woman Wins 3-Year Fight Against Wells Fargo Foreclosure

A woman in Tualatin, Ore., is breathing a sigh of relief after a three-year battle to prove Wells Fargo had wrongfully moved to foreclose on her home, saying she had missed mortgage payments.

A judge ruled Wednesday that Wells Fargo failed to prove she was actually behind in her payments, which Delores Dingman, 80, attributes to the bank’s simple “accounting errors.”

“I just praise God for it all because I kept praying so many times about this, because I knew I had made the payments, but their accounting errors made it hard,” she said.

The judge heard six hours of testimony and then ruled to cancel the judicial foreclosure.

Dingman and her late husband moved into their four-bedroom home in 1967, 46 years ago.

After her husband, Leland, died in March 2008, Dingman took out a new mortgage with Wachovia while she paid off his medical bills, never missing a payment. Court records show she promised to pay $308,000 plus interest June 16, 2008.

The next year, after Wells Fargo’s acquisition of Wachovia was completed in Jan. 2009, Dingman began receiving foreclosure notices. She believes the bank did not correctly process her payment since around October 2009.

But her bank records show her mortgage payments have been deposited by Wells Fargo. Despite efforts to clear up the mistake and paying more than $12,000 in attorney fees, her home went into judicial foreclosure.

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5 Responses to “80 Year Old Oregon Woman Wins 3-Year Fight Against Wells Fargo Foreclosure”
  1. Rebecca Lara says:

    That’s good if she really does ever see that compensation
    This all has been overwhelming I tell then I can’t comprehend what terminology words of Legual courts let understand them. No one really understand when your reading a court case it’s in this state with this then that why would Wells Fargo a web sight banking log in to account just appear on your computer when you have not contacted heard anything for years after cancelings account. Use online banking I never have not even attempted to. It’s as every app has to be completed filed out and when you don’t have a clue it takes so much more time unless they just try and confuse one more so they can’t figure it out. Does any one know if the lenders to send court docs and what or how can you figure out when if or where your to show your original exclusive grant deed paid in full. With so many lies scams cover ups between so many government agency’s who is to be trusted cause if one finds this the counter find that so they can get Away free only today is the begging of truth of how America system has not been what they say it has not been well for me at least three years. When IFR started they never said sent this that I let each person I contacted know that I had the docs to show if needed only I asked to just let me know what would all be needed on extremely low limited income you try faxing 89 faxs and that was not every thing loom at the amount of papers one gets at start of loan these packets are not small
    I know why they keep putting it off longer and longer when they knew my story 2010 because they knew I was right but did not think I would keep it up. I don’t stop until what was told our wrongfky foreclosure s would get that justice served criminals if not in jail loss their jobs put them out in the cold no one can hire years like a felony laws are laws cheat steel lie fraud is just as bad as walking into a school mc ds shorting aways killing life’s you took Americans homes after years of making a life why not punish those who the same who’s names were on the foreclosure docs who said who did not pay or someone who called the shots or why do I have so many not qualify ?? I want to know and for United States courts to hear I have my proof but no one will be respectful enough to contact and help me understand they want to see I leave my phone name addresses only I read they now what to know where who has I do stupid ass
    It’s about time two years living in out of your car has been torched long ago when I did not anything wrong they started my foreclosure months years before I was late on payment 3 plus years not once late and look how they had me out fast they scamed me along with the others we say shit get off your lazy ass and do it right time came to fix wrongs to rights. Stop stalking fighting trying to win more greed selfishness when you know how forking low you are by now banks lenders courts government ledisiation contact the sorce
    This I talk yes more then yes I more likey was who told the whisel blower most of their knowdge
    I feel as I did and what because they say how who told them I home that young kid 20 19 who s first job was Wells Fargo Naca Los Angeles because I knew that day he would not be returning for he cared had heart and saw how cold unfair doistespectiful the top dude Wells Fargo just was such a dumb ass looking all tough and having all the power to harm not help
    Making Home affordable hope springboard NHSA Naca modify 3 month program hamp harp not one of these could help I didn’t qualify who made out off my money my home my deed I want to press charges for breach truth in lending banks did not follow the banking laws they took federal cash and so did some of the federal good cop bad cop
    I’m looking for the good cop today. Is this even possible are there any left today
    Discrimination we the people ha ha bad job America we the people you the higher people up on your high chairs. Not viewing seeing or wanting to hear know amit

  2. 1ofthemany says:

    i do hope she bills them for her time and pain …damn crooks –

  3. MeeshaLin says:

    What a nightmere! This poor woman! I don’t understand how it can go on for three years and what type of testimony takes 6 hours when this woman has the proof wells fargo cashed her checks? I don’t ever think I’ll be able to grasp how any of this can happen to hundreds of thousands and even millions of americans, it goes public, it goes to court, where is the justice for us ??????? Where is it? I can’t imagine how many lives these killer banks have taken! They steal everything! I’m wondering if they are the true devils in search of our souls!

  4. This has happened to way to many people This is not an error! This outright property theft by manufactured defaults bulling the property owners. The same happened to one of my long time friends, and they were evicted even after trying to get the payoff due to they were not getting anywhere with the bank to cure the banks paper work “errors”, they were evicted when they tried to get pay off figures and just pay off the loan. To evade the nightmare. They had the funds to just pay it off. BOA refused to give them the payoff figures, and they were wrongfully evicted. Her health is in such bad shape due to this her doctor does not even want her to talk about it due to the stress can kill her, so she has not been to an attorney yet. They are killing people and evicting wrongfully. I am so glad this is going public. Total bulling of the banksters. NOT ERRORS! I and many were not in default and am trying to save our homes. I have been fighting the banks unlawful foreclosure since October 13, 2010.

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