Curtis Hertel Jr: Ingham Courts Overturn Fannie Mae Evictions of County Homeowners


Ingham courts overturn Fannie Mae evictions of County homeowners

Ingham County Register of Deeds Curtis Hertel Jr. praised two recent court decisions against mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in Ingham County that will overturn the eviction of local residents from their homes, while offering similar hope for citizens across Michigan.

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been shamelessly manipulating our state’s property laws for years at the expense of innocent citizens,” Hertel Jr. said. “They continue to try and exempt themselves from important local and state taxes by claiming a government exemption, but have continued to foreclose on individuals and families using procedures that are only available to private corporations. I’m thrilled that we now the opportunity to protect our residents from future deceitful foreclosure practices.”

Hertel Jr. has been pleading for the courts to clarify Fannie Mae’s status, as it has positioned itself as a government agency to avoid taxes, but also as a private organization in order to avoid foreclosure regulation. The cases were won against mortgage giant Fannie Mae – one in Ingham County Circuit Court, the other in its District Court.

One of the cases is now being sent to the Michigan Court of Appeals and has the potential to change the way that thousands of foreclosures are handled throughout Michigan. The court case specifically addresses foreclosures that are executed by Fannie Mae, the federally-controlled mortgage corporation that has foreclosed on thousands of Michigan residents since the housing crisis began in 2007.

Both of the overturned evictions were residents who called in to Hertel’s Foreclosure Fraud Hotline, a service he arranged with help from the Ingham County Commissioners. The purpose of the hotline is to obtain legal assistance for citizens who are facing illegal foreclosures, but cannot afford representation. The hotline is active – Ingham County residents may call 517-676-7210 to leave their information.

SOURCE: Curtis HertelIngham County Register of Deeds


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  1. GFranklin says:

    Same situation as the person above. There is no such thing in the state of Texas. I am being bullied by Fannie Mae after the death of my significant other. They add taxes and interest to a final payoff and gave me 45 days to get a home mortgage loan, when the made me wait for two (2) years while they payed games. I WILL NOT accept their offer! They are sealing from private citizens and there is NO one to represent us. What can we do to deal with Fannie Mae once and for all. This is such advantage taking, it can make me spit. How can they be allowed to do such evil things to citizens. It is plain wrong. It would be awesome if we can go the route of pain and suffering damages. Just imagine how that will go over. This sealing from private citizens needs to stop. Who can we get to advocate for us against Fannie Mae. They are thieves.

  2. 4evrMoi says:

    Happy for the residents of Ingham County – there was nothing as this for Fairfield County, OH, when I needed it. I even approached attorneys there who were supposed to help “those of us who can’t afford representation” and they never “knew anything”. I feel so cheated and violated with how my home was taken from me; I could write a book on the nightmarish ordeal it was! I’ll never get over it; our oldest daughter – a single Mom @ 45 yrs, who had to move home just two weeks prior to the “forced” eviction as she had no job 2 plus yrs, lost her long-term unemployment even tho she tried continually to find a job, and consequently, lost HER home (rental)! All this and then, forced out of the home she grew up in! She suffered a nervous breakdown! I STILL want my home BACK PLUS DAMAGES of pain and suffering! I am 70 yrs young living on a Disability income since 1990. I definitely have a “hardship” – a REASON the loan servicer (CitiMortgage) SHOULD HAVE offered a workable solution! All I asked for was for them to restructure the loan for a new time-period at current interest BASED on my “hardship” of a Disability income. We made it this far … “WHY” DIDN’T THEY PROVIDE A PROGRAM that supposedly, existed to help those such as myself “STAY IN YOUR HOME”!! ???

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