USDOJ: Bank Fraud – Homeowner Locked Up for Using False Documents to Get Loan Modification from GMAC


Che Brown Sentenced to Three Months in Prison for Bank Fraud, Used False Documents to Modify His Mortgage

-Claimed Income That He Didn’t Actually Receive-

WASHINGTON – Che M. Brown, 45, of Washington, D.C., was sentenced today to three months of incarceration on a federal charge of bank fraud stemming from a scheme in which he submitted false documents to a mortgage lending service to win approval of a modification on a mortgage for his residence.

The sentence was announced by U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr., Valerie Parlave, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, and Thomas J. Kelly, Special Agent in Charge of the Washington Field Office of the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI).

Brown pled guilty in December 2012 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. He was sentenced by the Honorable Amy Berman Jackson. Upon completion of his prison term, Brown will be placed on five years of supervised release. During that time, the judge ordered that Brown perform 200 hours of community service.

According to a statement of offense signed by the government as well as the defendant, Brown fell several months behind on his monthly mortgage in 2009. GMAC Mortgage LLC, a mortgage lending and servicing business, informed him that the mortgage was in default. GMAC also sent a letter to Brown in June 2009 that advised him that he should consider whether he was eligible for a loan modification that would make his monthly mortgage payment more affordable.

From September 2009 through September 2010, Brown schemed to defraud GMAC by submitting documents that made it appear that he had received $35,000 in income that he, in fact, had never received. Based on those and other representations, Brown was deemed qualified for the mortgage modification, which ultimately reduced his payments by $717.44 a month, to $1,499.



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  1. alex says:

    How and where do I report a mortgage broker or loan officer that works for National Securities Mortgage Company for falsifying loan modification documents?
    He is the landlord of the house we’re in and has falsified the documentation he submitted to Bank Of America.

  2. Val says:

    We should all report bank people for insurance fraud and demand HUD invetigste false claims for mortgage default insurance by stating the loan was not involved in fraud aka securities fraud on securities market. This is exactly like this person’s crime. See what happens to bank people. Mortgage Default Insurance set up with the Housing Act of 1933 and amended w/Housing Act of 1949 and then again during Reagan years 1980.

  3. Val says:

    Read the history book The Creature From Jekyll Island and educate for first time as to why your home was paid for many times over through fractionalize banking. They never lend money but profit enormously due to being born into the right family. Then read Federal Reserve Publication Modern Money Mechanics and I think Page 6 discuss the actual double book entry made by depositing your NOTE into an account created for you with your name on it – just like a checking account – debit asset and then liability showing owed to you. Derecognition. Look up also FR2046. In case you are foreclosed on, the bank people file a 1099c Abondonement which states you adandoned the account and will the IRS allow the bank people to keep the credit on the liabilty side since you abandoned the account. This is on top of the illegal securitzation which breached your contracts – learn more and from Mortgage Compliance Investigators of Henderson Nevada. I believe MCI has videos now on youtube to further educate – find by searching MCI. They cover GSE’s ABS and MBS and MERS. Also, Rick Haughton from – this guy is brilliant. He is gifted in teaching over all view of UCC and bible PSA…just brilliant. I wish I had him in 2010 took take away all the confusion and overlaod of information. I like best his USA map and he has been tracking successes for each state – why reinvent the wheel. Also he has a data base of docs to show when caried companies go out of Business. For $97 for two months—worth every penny. I was just overwhelmed with confidence. Rick just needs to top off with understanding federal laws and local jurisdiction real property laws as taught by MCI and ourlemon – which make the unsecured just that unsecured and why the contract is breached. Do we really owe these people after they took in money based on a breached contract? What did they earn also from the Credit Default Swaps on top of the US Government False Claim to get US Government Mortgage Default INsurance by claiming loan was not involved with any type of fraud.

  4. In most cases I have heard from friends, the mortgage brokers put false figures on the paperwork and not the homeowners. The banks pushed false claims on paperwork. One of my spa clients was shocked at the bank she did her loan through for doing this. What a bunch of crock! The banks are demons. Bank secrets are frauds and forgeries and wrong doing. Nothing else. The banks told thousands to get behind on their mortgages to qualify for the mods also just to steal houses not in foreclosure but to manipulate a fraud defalt to steal their houses.

  5. judemcdonald says:

    Total BULLSHIT! This shows how BAD this country is BROKEN, Bankers and Lawyers Forge documents to take your home and they get a pass NO GUILT we have $$$$ so fine US and let us take these “deadbeats” homes! I am not falling so fast Bank of America, I caught you and your Law Firm Blank/Rome and I am not letting this pass. I am #179390507.

    • katheryn says:

      Blank Rome were also one of the many firms involved in my case also. Maybe we should go after them too.

    • J. Alonzo says:

      Indeed!! In Florida we have the former foreclosure king David J Stern who admitted to forging hundreds of documents to take people homes. He is scott free as of today. At most he will get a slap on the wrist. No one wants to bite the hand that feeds them.
      Our whole system is corrupt! We are all owned by the banks and billion dollar corps.
      We are the sheeple!

  6. katheryn says:

    People should ban together in groups that have cases that are the same or very similar in nature and in accordance of which of the TBTF’s they were screwed by. You can’t file a class action pro se or pro per but you can file suit with many Plaintiffs. I have been in litigation with them for two years now pro se. These crime banks are just sitting back waiting for all of the statute of limitations to run out; then there can be no private suits brought against them. Trust me they all have this down to a fine tuned science and how much the total will cost them. It just penny change in comparison to what they have already gotten and still continue to get.

    • suttershome says:

      That was the problem with our case…everybody was yelling “Robo-signing”…I was trying to yell “FORGED MORTGAGES” and every media avenue I tried to get the news out there was blocked. They don’t want people to know that their actual names could be forged to documents. So when you stand alone there is no one to form a group with:/

      • katheryn says:


        There are many avenues with which to travel in most cases. I could have gone for endless counts and charges so you get a large group who have a few of the same legal theories that fit the allegations and go with those. Fraud is a very difficult allegation to prove and prevail in court on. At least that is what I have found in my own personal research. It would seem that many of us that were dual tracked into foreclosure while being told we could modify seem to have many characteristics of a RICO claim. I don’t think this has been used much and I’m not sure why. Rescission and Breach of Contract probably fit many of those who have been screwed. The problem is, as I’m sure you know after 7 years, is the work involved when you are not a lawyer and learning as you go. It’s very hard….but not impossible with many contributing to the research. The preparation of the pleadings and rules of procedure are fairly self-explanatory. People just need to make up their minds that they can do it and get to work. Venting helps release the tension, but action and doing, no matter how difficult…get things going. Forget the press…they’re mostly useless and help the banks promote the “deadbeats are responsible” to divert attention from themselves and their crimes.

  7. suttershome says:

    We spent years fighting the bank after they forged our signatures to a mortgage document. They blatently signed our named, notarized and recorded the mortgage as legal. When we discovered it, after they tried to illegally foreclose on us and they forced us into an unnecessary bankruptcy in order to figure it all out, we were able to get the mortgage avoided in July 2007. It took to appeals to the US District Court and the bank appealing those decisions to the US Circuit Court before they finally got the message that they were not entitled to an equitable mortgage. However, after that seven year fight, we had to get another law firm to go after the judgments and quiet our title. In the meantime, our home is falling apart (literally) because we were told we couldn’t put any money into the house during litigation and what money we did have, the bankruptcy court used to pay the trustee’s attorney, who tried to sell the avoided mortgage back to the defendants for $30,000 which would have gave them the right to foreclose on us despite the monies paid to notify the courts that we had been victims of an outright fraud. No body went to jail; nobody from the bank has paid us a dime; they lost the mortgage almost six years ago and yet they still have their name on our property and report us as over 80 months delinquent on our credit report. (Sutter vs US Bank)

    What is even more interesting is that when there is a commercial breach of contract as in our case; there are absolutely no avenues for punitive damages against them…talk about a double standard. There are two sets of laws in this country; one for the little people and one for the corporations. If we break the law, we are punished, sent to prison, made to pay restitution…can anyone tell me what punishment our corporate banking world has suffered? A little bit of bad media…?

  8. Karmel Roe says:

    WOW this guy gets 3 months and 2 Big to Fail get nothing GOD JUDGE THE SYSTEM AND THE BANKS

  9. Alabama John says:

    How light they make 3 months sound. Especially when they want you to plead guilty or they will go for 30 years or more in prison.
    What is not discussed is how your licenses of any kind are voided, your credit ruined and you are forever more a felon, suspected of any crime committed and with no right to vote for anything.
    It is a much harder and harsher sentence than folks can imagine.
    Hard to take with bankers and mortgage companies that do far worse, many times thousands of times worse, not even being charged.
    This is not the America we grew up believing in and I pray for our country to turn from its crooked ways before it is too late and we become something none of us want for our children and grandchildren.

  10. Sarah says:

    Lanny Breuer was supposed to get “Justice” against” big banks and Wall Street firms. He didn’t do anything other than defend Banks while working at the Justice Department Now he’s making $4 million a year to more obviously “defend” the big banks and Wall Street firms by returning to the law firm that makes the rules. Wouldn’t it be nice if our Justice Department worked for us, like we once believed long ago? It’s the humble opinion of many people: GMAC can go straight to hell. (after giving the taxpayers back the money they owe us)

  11. suttershome says:

    Homeowners get thrown in jail for committing forgery and fraud, however, the banks, who have been guilty of the VERY SAME CRIME get a “shame on you” as demonstrated in Sutter vs US Bank. Not that I condone what the homeowner did, but if he can have swift justice dealt and end up in jail, why are their no bankers serving time for the exact same crime?

  12. katheryn says:

    Yep, get the “little” guy. Show us all how our the DOJ is spending our hard earned tax dollars. All of the damn little peons committing fraud on these poor banks that have been ethically and honestly doing their best for their customers in the most upright and legal fashion. Gag me with a spoon. Where is the laughing mouse???? I hope this man has or gets competent legal representation. We all know what their loan officers did with inflating income and appraisals. This poor man probably doesn’t know how to fight back.

  13. Isabel S. says:

    I wish they would lock up the banksters as quickly for also using false and forged documents in order to steal homes. Fraud upon the courts is quickly ignored when committed by the banks. What a double standard UN-justice system we have!!

    • Brenda says:

      I was thinking the same thing. I have paid over 175,000,00 my alleged loan from the bank
      that was around 145,000.00. I do not want a house for free….I paid for it, For about 16 years. The banks claimed on there response to me concerning the QWR that what I requested was considered bankers secrets. I had a Forensic Examination on my documents which evidenced Unfair and Unsound business practices from the very start the contract was flawed. The Servicers/Bankers even forged my signature on the Notice of Right to cancel. Notaries forging other peoples signatures, My SOS suspended the Notary because she did not perform her job as a notary. (They would not confirm that the Document Notarized unlawfully is void) FRAUD vitiates Everything don’t you think? at least that what the Scottus says. But not for bankers. The Color of Law and Presumption not fact have been the rule in our courts at least that has been my experience almost 4 years have passed and we have not even been able to review the documents in court and no one has made it to trial at least not that I am aware of…. The Truth will set us free continue to stand and we will be blessed. Love and Light to you all in this fight keep our homes. I hope and pray someone will fix our courts and justice for all will be reestablished.

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