More Foreclosure Review Fiasco: Paying Agent Rust Consulting Sends Letters to Different Addresses Than on Borrower Letters, Refuses to Make Corrections


More Foreclosure Review Fiasco: Paying Agent Rust Consulting Sends Letters to Different Addresses Than on Borrower Letters, Refuses to Make Corrections

Hedge fund manager and famed short seller David Einhorn is right: no matter how bad you think it is, it’s worse.

Consider this pious statement by David Holland of Rust Consulting, the firm responsible for sending out settlement checks, at the Senate Banking subcommittee hearings on the Independent Foreclosure Review earlier this week:

Mr. Holland, Rust: We have a call center and we’re taking calls, you know, currently from people who have received the postcard notice as part of the settlement and now our first wave of checks that went out on Friday. So we do have a phone bank ready to answer any and all questions that we get from affected borrowers. We have on-site Spanish-speaking operators that can assist Spanish-speaking people, and there is a process by where we can use a third party to help translate I believe it’s up to 200 languages if somebody calls, you know, and has a language that we’re not supporting live with Spanish or English, and we can get an operator on the phone that can help them. In terms of the – your other question about, you know, are we making efforts to reach out to people? You know, we’ve had the data, the mailing data, for this group of people going back to the IFR and it went through several levels of mailing address correction that we performed. So when we had the settlement, we started with that address information and once again ran it through the national change of address database, and we’re mailing checks, you know, to the best address that we have currently. Some of those will be returned as undeliverable, and we will make other attempts to find better address information for those that are undeliverable. And there’s nothing in place yet, but we’ve had conversations about taking additional steps beyond what we’ve done in terms of address trace. We could implement an outbound calling program, e-mail blasts. There’s all sorts of things that may be available to us. Nothing’s set yet, but those discussions are happening.

We’ll not trouble ourselves with how a call center that handles only two languages can have a backup service that can correctly determine which of the 200 other languages it professes to be able to handle can determine accurately which one is actually being spoken.

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  1. donell webb says:

    got 300 dollars from saxon mortgage i was in a chapter 7 bankruptcy house was foreclosed on and sold should have gotten 38 thousand dollars according to the catagory i was placed in

  2. Remember in 2010 , The same banks was stealing people’s Money. Over draft fees denying access to Accounts , Claiming accounts had been hacked? My personal Accounts was one of those accounts, It was altered , Address was changed , without my knowledge or approval by the Bank, I got the royal run-around and put ton hold for long lengths of time , shuffled from one person to anther , Until I figured out there was something the bank was hiding, My hunch as correct, I received an email message from the press at the Justice Department that the bank had been sued by the feds for abuse of customers deposits and had other legal problems to the tune of Billions in fines and Court Ordered payments , they used our funds for investments on the foreign market for profits to try to get Money to pay off those fines and Legal settlements , They did everything possible to keep my from accessing my accounts, Until I told them I was aware of the Legal trouble they was in , and I would be filing a Law suite against them myself and I demanded immediate access to my account and the setting a new pin number by phone, I had also researched online , information of other people who had the same difficulty with the bank and what I located was countless people who had been defrauded by the bank and denied access to their funds just as I had been, But they have switched the method now and are using the Court system as a partnership for fraud it’s basically money laundering , People should firstly use the spiritual laws it’s not about religion , it’s about Universal principals that is above the corrupt Legal Systems ,forgiveness of personal Judgments will free us from the intentions of the thief, and the outcome will be the bank receiving the treatments intended for us, It works give it a try. Pray the minds and hearts will be cleansed and eyes of truth will open now, Hold the prayer as a picture , see the news broadcast of Banks heaping the poor and needy and lowering payments and interest and principles , Meditate and feel joy, until it feels real, we are magnets and draw to us what we identify with ,Fear must be replaced with self realized empowerment. from the inside. We are just as powerful as the banks we simply must use our power in the positive, for greater outcomes that last and does no harm

  3. BOBBI SWANN says:

    Did anyone notice the Hutmasters post where Rust Consulting is a “foreign” company? How’s that for sending money abroad?????

    He referenced here:

  4. Making every effort my natural white butt.

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