Meet the New Enforcement Chief of the SEC – The Guy Who Orchestrated Last Year’s Discredited National Mortgage Settlement on Behalf of Wall Street


Meet the New Enforcement Chief of the SEC – The Guy Who Orchestrated Last Year’s Discredited National Mortgage Settlement on Behalf of Wall Street

Yesterday, Mary Jo White, the new Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission, announced that a law partner from the firm she just left, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, would become the new Co-Director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement – the unit that decides who gets prosecuted and who gets a pass.

In making the announcement that Andrew Ceresney of Debevoise & Plimpton will share the post with the Acting Director, George Canellos, White called Ceresney a “former prosecutor.” That hardly does justice to the cozy ties between Ceresney and Wall Street. (Ceresney worked for the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York in a prior career but has been employed at Debevoise since 2003.)

This time last year, Ceresney was basking in the glow of a herculean accomplishment for JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Ally. While directly employed as counsel to JPMorgan Chase, Ceresney had played a pivotal role in directing the negotiations between the U.S. Justice Department, 49 state attorneys general and an array of Federal regulators to tie up with a neat little red ribbon charges of mortgage, foreclosure and servicing fraud into the infamous National Mortgage Settlement – a deal big on promises and short on cash.

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5 Responses to “Meet the New Enforcement Chief of the SEC – The Guy Who Orchestrated Last Year’s Discredited National Mortgage Settlement on Behalf of Wall Street”
  1. katheryn says:


    I would like to, however, late today I got an email from the BoA attorney offering us a settlement. We are scheduled to be back in court before the judge on May 8 and for which the judge expects us to have agreed to the settlement or be ready to move forward. At this point he has not ruled on their summary judgment motion but I don’t feel they will succeed and if they did I would appeal it and it would probably be overturned..the facts and the law are there, plus there have been two new case rulings by appeals courts that would support these particular claims. Although,I, like everyone here, knows that in most cases the law is very clear but by the time the other side gets down shapeshiting, it has morphed into something different as explained by the other side.

    Of course, in their offer, they have made it clear that I can’t speak of any of this or about the bank in any way. I don’t like the idea of censorship. I do believe that getting groups together to file suits would be more powerful. They could also work in tandum helping each other which could not be used as giving legal advice because each is a part of the lawsuit. But if my case will continue to go on..I would be interested in getting groups together. If those interested have skype we could have a meeting via skype. What do you think? Doesn’t seem like many others agree or are interested in suing in groups. I am going nighty now so good night to all.

    • 1ofthemany says:

      you are right most do not want to do anything for some reason, I understand your situation with the court system…been there… same thing different entity, the court system of today is not for the pro se or anyone with guts unless one has lots of money and “they” have taken care of most in regards to $$. I wish you the best, prayer your way for sure, I will check back here to see if you have commented and we can go further if you care to, good to hear that for a change as I have approached a few over the last few years. Somebody has got to do something somewhere for the good of all. I am here. I have subscribed to this post to see ur comments, blessings :~)

  2. c.l.p.a.g. Chris says:

    Like Putting Child Sex predators in Charge of Pre Schools ?
    Oh Like Arne Duncan; a.k.a. O’bammy’s; CommissionCZAR of Education and former: North American Man Boy LOVE Association member in good standing? / NAMBLA? Talmudism is Satanism!

  3. katheryn says:

    Just keeping it all in the family. What’s a little nepotism here and there. No harm no foul. All in a day’s work. Thieves that play together stay together and win.

    @Mark – Many of us could not obtain an attorney. I contacted over 100 most of whom represented the bank in my state. Many just can’t afford one. In these instances you have but two choices….1) give up….2) represent yourself and fight them every way possible.

    It should be obvious to all that they all ban together as their is more power in numbers. That is why I suggested way back that by grouping together, as Hammertime stated, in large numbers pro se would put more pressure on the thieves. The other benefit is that those that don’t know how or where to proceed would be able to participate and be helped along that those that already know how or have the ability to research and proceed correctly. Activism of any kind takes tons of work on the part of many to make a difference. It is almost impossible to take on the banks, wall street and our own government one by one, pro se or with attorneys that are clueless and think that we, each as an individual, will make a dent towards progress. All each group would need would be an attorney who could just answer questions on procedure and such when needed. That’s my two cents worth. May be only a penny’s worth 🙂

    • 1ofthemany says:

      hi katheryn , what do ya say we try to bring some people together? so many are too tied up or too dang tired but with a little help and more hands in the mix well….victory could be had, what do you say? will check back here

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