Housing Market Accelerates as Home Prices Jump 9.3% in Quickest Rise Since 2006

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Case-Shiller Home Index Rises 9.3%

The U.S. housing recovery continues as home prices grew at their highest annual growth rate since 2006, according to the S&P/Case-Shiller survey. Nick Timiraos has details



One Response to “Housing Market Accelerates as Home Prices Jump 9.3% in Quickest Rise Since 2006”
  1. Yode says:

    Let’s think about this rationally for a moment. The economy is constructed on a “debt based” currency system in which growth is experienced ONLY as long as there is a continued inflation of the debt. In fact, there must be continued debt growth in order for the system to continue, and if the growth of debt stops…and even if the amount of debt does not diminish… it is game over and the system collapses. Since the latest depression brought about by the money changers has adversely effected the ability of multitudes of people to participate in this pyramid scheme (screwed their credit rating) and still others have decided to opt out of this fiat currency system and are instead converting to “hard assets” for their savings and future security, the current fiat currency, debt based financial system is facing inevitable collapse. Yet the markets are at all time highs and we are told that Real Estate prices are recovering. In reality, unemployment is at the highest level it has ever been in most of our lifetimes (in reality, not the ficticious rate we are given by the government). Inflation continues to eat away at any remaining savings of the people (again, the true inflation rate, not the under reported figures provided by the government that don’t include prices of the very things you need to survive).
    Now consider this…. We know with absolute certainty that the criminal banksters have manipulated the price of money (LIBOR), the Paper Prices of Gold and Silver (this too is a fictional Paper Price and not a true market price)…. One would have to be an idiot to believe that this “Price Jump” in Real Estate is anything other than a fictional number generated by, for and on behalf of the banksters to add to their “held assets” line on their balance sheets. Remember, these banksters are being forced to increase their assets “in reserve” to cover any future losses they may suffer from their gambling losses. I am sure they would love it if their holdings just suddenly increased in value to cover their potential losses. Much like I am sure they are relieved that the price of Gold and Silver will come down so they can cover their naked short posititons and not suffer a loss there as well….. In short..These are all fictional numbers…pulled out of someone’s backside to further enrich the banksters….

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