Passidomo’s Foreclosure Reform Proposal Passes Legislature

Kathleen Passidomo Foreclosure

“The legislation expedites the process by requiring a judge to immediately review any foreclosure filings in chambers without a hearing, before asking the parties to show cause why a final judgment should be entered. That process allows the judge to enter a final judgment quickly if the lender feels the borrower has no defense.”


Passidomo’s foreclosure reform proposal passes Legislature

TALLAHASSEE — The third time’s the charm for one Southwest Florida representative’s top priority.

The state Senate this morning voted 26-13 to approve a measure that speeds up the foreclosure process. The bill – which has been sponsored by Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, for the past three years – now heads to the governor’s office for his signature.

“I can’t believe it,” said Passidomo, as she walked back to House chambers after being on the Senate floor for the vote. “It’s really terrific.”

The foreclosure bill — House Bill 87 — shortens the time period that banks can collect losses from five years to one; requires banks to produce the note at the time of the foreclosure; and allows lien holders, like a homeowner association, to initiate the foreclosure process.

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5 Responses to “Passidomo’s Foreclosure Reform Proposal Passes Legislature”
  1. 1fothemany says:

    even more reason for ALLLLLLL to step up together and make a suit tort/damages!!!!demand restitution NOW, they can not fit all ripped off people into a judges chambers, this is not good, playing with the english language again!! they know what they did!!! AND they have been caught.. the damn check being sent is proof…period ……the creator will damn these people but not soon enough for me

  2. Reina says:

    Well, you know who not to elect next time; hopefully the governor will see the intent of Ms. Passidomo’s who can be inferred that she works for the banks and not for those who elected her and trusted that she follows the constitution of the USA. I hope someday in her life she realizes that due process is important in our Amend, 14th. However, I trust the governor will read between the lines and realize that just because you are Republican does not make you make the wrong choices to benefit only the rich (banks) who have fraudulently foreclosed the houses. I am a Republican and a shame of Ms. Passidomo’s which discredit the Republican party conception of the citizens rights and respect the Constitution of the United State of American.

  3. Mystify says:

    Kathleen will get hers one day….karma

  4. Sue Em says:

    Gotta love that “the homeowner can still sue”! Like homeowners in distress have the money for that. Oh wait – may be you got a $ 300 check from the settlement – that would just almost pay for the filing fee in court…..

  5. Mark Bowen says:

    Borrower? Lender? In civil litigation, who is the “borrower” and who is the “lender”? I always thought a “Plaintiff” brought an action against a “Defendant”. You want to pass legislation that is “consumer friendly”? How about proposing a Bill that requires the Court to demand the “Plaintiff” show a cause of action (proof of loss). This Bill is an act of treason against “the State” (constitutionally defined as “the people”).

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