The (un)Fair Foreclosure Act HB 87 / SB 1666 Passes Senate 26-13 Heads to Gov for Signing

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The (un)Fair Foreclosure Act HB 87 / SB 1666 Passes Senate 26-13 Heads to Gov for Signing

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The (un)Fair Foreclosure Act HB 87 / SB 1666

4 Responses to “The (un)Fair Foreclosure Act HB 87 / SB 1666 Passes Senate 26-13 Heads to Gov for Signing”
  1. vince faulkner says:

    To all here from Florida we must do what we can to keep Governor Scott from signing this bill into law. Take some time today to email the Governors office and clearly explain to him what we already know. Here is a copy of the email I just sent.

    Governor Scott
    The fair foreclosure act is anything but fair and signing it into law would do nothing to protect the residents of Florida or improve the housing crisis. As the banks continue to make settlement after settlement related to their involvement in the foreclosure debacle at some point rational thinking should tell us that something is wrong. Consider the fact that Lorraine Brown from DOCX is awaiting sentencing here in Florida for admitting to conspiracy to commit fraud related to falsely signed and recorded assignments of mortgage. Here in Volusia County alone we have over 500 such assignments with over 90% attached to a foreclosure. I ask that you not sign this bill into law as the people of the great State of Florida deserve better.

  2. BOBBI SWANN says:

    @ Uncle Milton says – please explain your reasoning because I just don’t follow. How did the risk of loss go way up with the passage of this bill? It only increases the chances of the bankstas getting away with more fraud…and how is property values going to have a declining reaction to this bill? Not being snotty, but I just don’t see the cause and result.

  3. neidermeyer says:

    I guess this means that WF/AHMSI will drop their case against me now ,,, they lost it in reality at the first hearing which explains the long long long inactivity period… and attempt to refile and ram it through .. I’ll just have to be quicker with a QT action than they will be.

  4. Uncle Milton says:

    Sell your property now because the risk of loss just went way up all across Floriduh whether you can pay whatever the banksters want or not, and as a result of this big increase in risk, property values and tax revenues are going to drop in a big way again unless Governor Scott saves the day by vetoing this bill.

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